Quo Vadis

  • Quo Vadis comes to you with a new at-home box, pie included

    Quo Vadis comes to you with a new at-home box, pie included

    If you've been missing the food of the great Jeremy Lee - either in the small Quo Vadis restaurant or if at the private club - then you're finally getting a chance to try his food at home. 

    Together with head chef Doug Sims, the restaurant is delivering a regional, seasonal finish-at-home British menu. And yes, it does include one of Jeremy's pies, often a highlight of the

  • Quo Vadis celebrates its 90th birthday with a starry Soho party


    From the naked male torso vodka luge to a guest list that ranged from Hugh Bonneville and Alastair Little to Suggs and James Blunt, the great and the good of Soho turned up last night to celebrate the 90th birthday of Quo Vadis. It's been an interesting year for the restaurant, which has seen a lot of upheavalin the past few months. But we saw that the new Barrafina

  • All change at Quo Vadis with a big refurb and Barrafina is moving in

    All change at Quo Vadis as Barrafina moves in

    22/8/16 - updated with more details about the opening

    The Queen's not the only notable 90th birthday this year, as venerable Soho institution Quo Vadis is getting ready to celebrate its own 90th anniversary. And it's doing it with some BIG changes.  

    The first change is downstairs - where the main restaurant is moving into the bar space (which used to be the dining room). That'll now seat 25, serving Jeremy