Quo Vadis comes to you with a new at-home box, pie included

Quo Vadis comes to you with a new at-home box, pie included

If you've been missing the food of the great Jeremy Lee - either in the small Quo Vadis restaurant or if at the private club - then you're finally getting a chance to try his food at home. 

Together with head chef Doug Sims, the restaurant is delivering a regional, seasonal finish-at-home British menu. And yes, it does include one of Jeremy's pies, often a highlight of the restaurant menu. The launch menu is:

  • Baked salsify & parmesan
  • Cured salmon, pickled cucumbers, mustard & dill
  • Goose & pork rillettes, pickled figs & cornichons
  • Turkey and bacon pie or winter vegetable cannelloni, parmesan & herbs
  • Mash or sprouting broccoli
  • St Emilion au chocolat or Almond tart, berries, custard & cream

As we're in the run-up to Christmas, there will also be figgy puddings to finish at home.

Alas, there is no sign of a DIY eel sandwich kit (one of their signature dishes) - but hey, they have to keep something back for the restaurant itself.

There are drinks, though. QV Cocktails are on the list, including the martini and negroni alongside wines picked by Robin Hart. 



More about Quo Vadis at Home

Delivery Range: TBC

When do you need to order? By 3pm Tuesday for delivery Friday

How to order: Order online

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @quovadissoho


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