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  • Kerridge's Garden Grill pops up at the Corinthia London

    kerridge's garden grill corinthia london

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    It's fair to say chefs and restaurateurs are being pretty cunning when it comes to finding ways to ensure they can reopen on 12 April. Take Tom Kerridge for example. His restaurant, Kerridge's Bar and Grill, at the Corinthia London, doesn't have any outside space. But, as if by magic, the hotel's managed to conjure some out of thin air.

    To that end, Kerridge's

  • Tom Kerridge goes semi-vegan with Bad Vegan

    Tom Kerridge goes semi-vegan with Bad Vegan

    Next up for Tom Kerridge in London, following Kerridge's Bar and Grill, will be a very different type of venture. This time he's teaming up with Mark Emms to create Bad Vegan, which will be coming to the top floor of Camden's Buck Street Market. 

    The "bad" part of the name comes from the fact that although the menu will be predominantly vegan - they will actually have non-vegan sides and

  • Tom Kerridge is bringing his Drive & Dine Theatre to London this summer

    drive and dine theatre tom kerridge london

    At a time when there appear to be no summer festivals on the foreseeable horizon, we have to say that this new wheeze from Tom Kerridge and the Pub in the Park team sounds like a perfect substitute.

    Drive & Dine Theatre will be a mash-up between a drive-in cinema and a food festival and it's coming to London for the summer. On the movie front, there'll be the world’s largest mobile HD LED screen showcasing crowd-pleaser

  • Tom Kerridge opens The Bull and Bear at Manchester's Stock Exchange Hotel

    Tom Kerridge is opening a restaurant at Manchester's Stock Exchange HotelTom Kerridge is opening another hotel restaurant. This time he's teaming up with Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville's company to launch in the new Stock Exchange Hotel in Manchester. 

  • Test Driving Kerridge's Bar and Grill - the top chef arrives in Whitehall

    lobsterAfter many years wowing the Marlow locals with the Hand and Flowers, Tom Kerridge has arrived in London with his Bar and Grill at the Corinthia. We head down there for a Test Drive.