Stroud Green

  • Stormzy's favourite chicken shop, Morley's, is opening in Finsbury Park and Brick Lane

    morley's chicken shop finsbury park and brick lane

    If you're not a South Londoner, then news about Morley's may not mean a lot to you. But for people who live south of the river, this fried chicken chain is an gold-plated institution. Founded back in 1985, it's beloved of rappers like RAY BLK, Krept and Stormzy, who shot his Big for your Boots video in one. Fried Chicken YouTube reviewer, The Pengest Munch has reviewed multiple branches, declaring of

  • Bacchus N4 serves up wine and snacks on Stroud Green Road

    bacchus n4 stroud green road

    Stroud Green Road, just north of Finsbury Park station, is a lovely hotchpotch of indie bars, coffee shops and restaurants, so we're glad to see the trend continuing with the arrival of new wine bar and shop Bacchus N4.

    Owner Tolga used to run The Harvest deli in Crouch End and has been busy over the first two weeks of opening, honing the list here.

    "This is my third shortlist," he told Hot Dinners. "I'm a bit picky. But generally people

  • Test Driving Goods Office - a hidden-away surprise in Stroud Green

    halloumiHaving moved on from Season and Gilly's Fish Bar, North London restaurateur Neil Gill has partnered with local Emma Rigby to open this Stroud Green neighbourhood hub.