• London takes third place in Elite Traveler's Top 100 Restaurants 2019 list


    The annual reveal of the Elite Traveler’s Top 100 Restaurants has taken place, and London hasn't done too badly out of it. But while, as a city, we rank third after New York and Paris for the number of restaurants we have on the list, sadly not one of them makes it into the top 10. 

    Here's where we placed:

    • 24. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
    • 33. The Ledbury
    • 50. Core by Clare Smyth - New entry
    • 79. Dinner by Heston
  • The 100 most influential women in UK hospitality - according to CODE



    You know us, here at Hot Dinners. We're all about celebrating the very best of the restaurant scene. And that's just what the new 100 Most Influential Women in UK Hospitality does. Out today it showcases women making waves in the hospitality trade, and <ahem> I'm very proud to be on the list too.

    And what a list! These are women whom Code are saying "genuinely affect change in the hospitality industry." It's the second year CODE have