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  • sulaburger

    If you like your fast food with a side order of do-gooding, then head to Haché where the first of their 2018 female chef burger collaborations is currently ongoing.

    They've teamed up with food writer and chef Zoe Adjonyoh of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen to put on a limited edition burger. The Suya Burger takes its influence from West African spices and flavours. It starts with the burger chain's classic 6oz prime hachéd steak burger, marinated in Suya, a peanut and


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  • ladygrade

    We're usually pretty partial to anything chef and restaurateur Carl Clarke (Chick n Sours and CHIK'N) comes up with but two new limited edition burgers he's been working on sound even more our thing than usual.

    Carl's teamed up with two top women chefs to celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March) this week.

    At Chick ‘n’ Sours Seven Dials there's a perfect dish for veggies. Here the partnership is with chef Chantelle Nicholson from ...

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  • naughtyboyburger

    So this is an interesting collaboration - MOBO-award winning Naughty Boy has teamed up with Shake Shack to create his own burger. Burger development is a new string to Naughty Boy's bow - he's already a DJ, producer, musician and songwriter. 

    Available for just one month and in just one British Shake Shack - the Cambridge Circus one - The Naughty One is being used to push the launch of Shake Shack's new Shack Sounds. It's a programme


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