• London's best Christmas sandwiches for 2021

    The best Christmas sandwiches in London

    There are so, so many great Christmas sandwiches out there - made using the very best of festive ingredients. Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding more and more of the best Christmas sandwiches London has to offer...

  • Mamma Pastrama is a modern pastrami shop hitting Carnaby from Jay Morjaria

    mamma pastrama carnaby london

    Pastrami lovers are going to be in seventh heaven when a new sandwich shop in Carnaby opens. Mamma Pastrama is the brainchild of chef Jay Morjaria (whose food we loved at JAE) and Vagabond co-founders Stephen Finch and Kieran Sherlock. They say they've taken on the classic American sarnie and given it a

  • Behold the Max's Sandwich Shop mash-up with Patty & Bun

    max's sandwich shop burger with patty & bun

    Well, I think we can safely say that this is going to be popular.

    Max’s Sandwich Shop has got into bed with burger slingers Patty&Bun for a limited edition burger special that sounds like the best of both their worlds.

    If you've been to Max's place in Crouch Hill you'll know what a glorious beast his Ham, Egg N chips sarnie is. Now, he's presenting Londoners with the Ham, Egg, ‘N”

  • Bodega Rita's and their sandwiches are back, this time in Clerkenwell

    Bodega Rita's and their sandwiches are back, this time in Clerkenwell 

    They may be gearing up to opening their main restaurant in Soho, but that's not all we're getting from Rita's. Their sandwich offshoot Bodega Rita's is coming back too - this time opening in Clerkenwell.

    There's a new menu of American-style subs that includes:

    • The Tony - deli sub filled with pesto, prosciutto, spiced salami ventricina, smoked cheese,
  • The Secret Sandwich Shop opens in Notting Hill

    The Secret Sandwich Shop opens in Notting Hill

    They've been delivering across London for a few weeks now, but later this week The Secret Sandwich Shop will actually open their real-life sandwich shop. They're putting out sandwiches with an East Asian twist, all based on the Japanese Wanpaku sandwich and on the menu are:

    • The Secret Sandwich - 5 Seasonal Vegetables, with Avocado, Tomato and Kewpie Mayo
    • The
  • Dom's Subs are expanding with a second sandwich shop planned for the City in Bevis Marks

    dom's subs opening city bevis marks

    Updated 16/3/21 with opening date

    London's sandwich market is hugely competitive, so anyone clawing their way to the top of the panini pile has to be congratulated. Even more so - when that company's an independent. But Dom's Subs in Hackney have captured Londoners'

  • Three Sheets in Dalston are serving up lockdown sarnies you need to try

    three sheets guest sandwich dalston

    Since London bars have been closed for what feels like forever, some have changed up their offering during the lockdown.

    One such award-winning bar doing just that is Dalston's Three Sheets. Unable to open to serve up their normal cracking cocktails, they've been operating as a coffee and sandwich bar. And it's the latter part of that offering which has us interested.

    They've started teaming up

  • The Breakfast Club go late night with Saint Elmo's Sandwich Bar

    saint elmo from the breakfast club

    There are two places you can always guarantee queues outside in London - Dishoom and The Breakfast Club. Now the latter, having tied up the breakfast scene, are getting into the late-night market by opening Saint Elmo's (fans of John Hughes movies will get the reference).

    Saint Elmo’s Late-Night Sandwich Bar will take over their Berwick Street Cafe every day from 5pm. As the name suggests it'll serve up a range of sandwiches which they

  • Mozzasando is Alan Yau's sando bar in South Kensington

    Mozzasando is Alan Yau's sando bar in South Kensington

    10/2/19 - updated with opening info

    It truly is the time of the sando. We've had the trailblazers Ta Ta Eatery (and Tou) and recently seen the opening of Yatai at Market Hall - and now it's the turn of restaurateur Alan Yau. 

    He's teamed up with mozzarella restaurant Obica to launch a new sando shop, Mozzasando in South Kensington (where Obica once was). If you've somehow missed out on the

  • Pidgin comes to Sons + Daughters King's Cross with their latest special

    Pidgin comes to Sons + Daughters with their latest special

    Back at work and in real need of a proper sandwich for lunch? Well, Sons + Daughters are bringing a little taste of their sibling restaurant Pidgin to King's Cross this month.

    For January, Pidgin chefs Michael Robins and Hamish Pearce present their take on a Tuna Melt. It's sustainably sourced pole-caught tuna, horseradish aioli, smoked applewood cheddar, spiced onion relish, mango chutney, iceberg lettuce and herb

  • Three vegetarian katsu sandos you need to know about

    ichibuns katsu sandoLondon is going certifiably katsu sando crazy and while the sandwich that should be in every London foodie's Instagram feed uses a pork chop at its heart, London restaurants have been busy working on veggie versions so meat avoiders don't miss out. Here are three you should know about.

  • Mele e Pere launches The Deli Upstairs with sandwiches, salads and more

    Mele e Pere launches The Deli Upstairs with sandwiches, salads and more

    If you're working in or around Soho, then a change that's coming to Mele e Pere may be very welcome. The small upstairs section, that was primarily a bar before, is being converted into a daytime deli. 

    It's inspired by owners Peter and Chris Hughes’ childhood in Milan, so will be a deli serving up sandwiches and salads with a very Italian feel. All the sandwiches are made with Bread Ahead

  • Max's Sandwich Shop is having a Sandwich Fest at The Red Lion and Sun


    Updated with new date

    When one of our favourite pubs teams up with one of our favourite food folk, you'd better expect us to sit up and take notice. Next week sees a mashup between Highgate's Red Lion and Sun pub and everyone's favourite sandwich maestro Max Halley from Max's Sandwich Shop.

    Max will be taking over the food for one night only at the recently refurbed North London pub, serving up an evening menu of two epic-sounding

  • Morty and Bob’s Sandwich Bar at Westfield London will serve up hot subs and more alongside their grilled cheese toasties

    mortybrunchShoppers at Westfield London will be able to boost their energy levels with a selection of hot sarnies from top grilled cheese purveyors Morty & Bobs in their new British sandwich bar.

  • Sub Cult's award-winning sandwiches get a permanent City spot

    Sub Cult is getting a permanent place in the city They've been street food legends for five years and now Sub Cult are getting a much-deserved permanent place in the City. With brand new subs along with the classics, this looks like your new City lunch spot. 

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