• London's best bacon sandwiches

    london's best bacon sarniesSometimes what you want, nay need, right now is a bacon sandwich. Here's our guide to the best bacon sarnies in London right now.

  • BAO are doing breakfast for the first time, at Café BAO in King’s Cross

    cafe bao london weekend breakfast

    If you've ever really, REALLY fancied a bao for breakfast and have had to wait until BAO opened the doors on one of their restaurants at midday, then we have glad tidings for you.

    From the August bank holiday, they'll be launching their first-ever breakfast offering. Head to Café BAO in King’s Cross for a weekend-only feast of Taiwanese breakfast specials. And, god, they sound good:

    On the menu

  • Test Driving the Moor Hall breakfast box - replicating their amazing breakfast feast at home


    The two-Michelin-starred Moor Hall is known for its epic breakfast. We see if the at-home version can live up to high expectations.  

  • The Breakfast Club are delivering "Yellow Beacons of Pancake-filled Hope" (aka pancake kits)

    The Breakfast Club are delivering "Yellow Beacons of Pancake-filled Hope" (aka pancake kits)

    As we're in an age where it's sometimes hard to remember even what day it is, special events and public holidays can really creep up on you. One of those is Pancake Day, which is just around the corner (16 February). However, it hasn't escaped the notice of The Breakfast Club, who are getting ready to launch their first-ever delivery

  • Eggbreak have stuffed an entire Full English into a pie

    Eggbreak have stuffed an entire Full English into a pie

    There's one thing that we've seen less of since the lockdown began - ever-so-slightly mad food mash-ups. But here's Eggbreak to make up for that, with The Full English in a pie. It's not the first time we've seen this attempted, but it's quite the impressive construction,

  • Cocorico is Cocotte's new breakfast and lunch spin-off

    cocorico breakfast and lunch delivery london

    With so many Londoners continuing to work from home, it makes sense for restaurants to look at the the breakfast and lunch delivery market. So that's what rotisserie chicken folk Cocotte are doing with their new launch this week.

    The group have brought out a new offering, Cocorico, which is all about breakfast dishes and sandwiches. It's available from the Cocotte kitchen in Parsons Green now and will be rolling out to Notting

  • It's nearly time for the return of the McDonald's breakfast

    Now it's time for the return of the McDonald's breakfast

    If there's one thing the lockdown has taught us very clearly, it's the "you won't miss it until it's gone" lesson. This was proved with McDonald's which was something of a guilty pleasure before lockdown, but the simple quarterpounder with cheese had transformed into the holy grail by the time it returned a couple of weeks back. And it's the same with the breakfast - because we'd kill for a Sausage McMuffin right

  • Epic Pies are serving up a Full English in a tart

    Epic Pies are serving up a Full English in a tart

    What to do if you're a pie restaurant and want to start serving breakfast? Well, you put the whole thing in pastry, of course.

    Epic Pies in St Paul's have just unleashed this epic tart as part of their new breakfast menu. Yes, that's bacon, eggs, baked beans (no longer in danger of spilling off the plate), tomato, sausage and mushrooms (with optional hash browns and black pudding) all served up in a huge puff pastry

  • Tamarind Tiger serves up Indian fast food on Baker Street from the family behind Copper Chimney

    tamarind tiger opens on baker street

    London's fast-food scene just got a boost with the opening of a new Indian spot on Baker Street.

    Tamarind Tiger is the second London restaurant from the Kapur family - who opened Copper Chimney in Westfield London back in October and run a restaurant empire in India. But while Copper Chimney was from an

  • Five Guys are launching a breakfast menu in London

    Five Guys Breakfast London

    Next week's a bumper week for burger folk Five Guys. Not only are they opening their 100th UK store (in St Paul's since you ask) but they're also about to launch their first breakfast menu in four of those stores.

    Two of those stores will be in London - the new one at St Paul's and the Oxford Circus branch. Alongside the usual burger offering there'll be four breakfast sandwiches - all a variety on the egg, cheese and bacon theme.


  • The Breakfast Club is opening its second Soho restaurant

    The Breakfast Club is opening its second Soho restaurantThis is the second Soho opening for The Breakfast Club, back to where it all began (nearby in 2005. They'll be serving up all-day breakfasts, of course, and hopefully less of a queue. 

  • Test Driving the Guinea Grill's breakfast menu - all you could ever want from a cooked breakfast

    fullenglish1The Guinea Grill already has a great reputation for steaks and more grilled meats. But how does that translate to breakfast? We went along to find out. 

  • Mayfair's Guinea Grill serves up a meat-laden breakfast for the first time

    The Guinea Grill breakfast

    A Hot Dinners exclusive

    We only recently revisited the Guinea Grill ourselves to remind us why this Young's pub is one of London's best steak restaurants (not to mention top Mayfair pub). And now it looks like there will be another reason to head there - it's launching a breakfast that it describes as "unlike any

  • Dishoom supersize their breakfast with a Double Bacon Naan


    Be still our beating hearts. One of London's most beloved breakfast dishes - the Dishoom Bacon Naan is getting an upgrade. From next week, the cult group are bringing in a range of new morning delights, key of which is the Double Bacon Naan. Featuring double the usual amount of smoked streaky bacon stuffed into freshly baked naan, with cream cheese, chilli tomato jam and fresh herbs - it'll set you back £9. A small price to pay for its legendary hangover-quashing

  • Caravan teams up with cooks and writers for some rather special pastries


    What's better than a lovely, flakey pastry with a proper cup of coffee in the morning? Well how about one given a bit of a spin by three top food writers and cooks?

    That's the deal at Caravan Fitzrovia which has just kicked off a three month pastry push. Their first team-up is with blogger and cookbook author Ed Smith, aka Rocket & Squash whose Pain au ‘Nduja - a pain au chocolat made from ‘Nduja salami, honey, walnuts and sage - is now on sale.


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