• Tonkotsu is back, reopening Tonkotsu East in Haggerston

    Tonkotsu is coming back! Yes, that's right, if you've missed their excellent ramen, chicken kara-age, gyoza and so much more, then you'll soon be able to order it for delivery. They're starting with the Haggerston branch for now (which will be staffed by people who live close by), and will review how that goes before launching more branches. 

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  • Tonkotsu brings ramen to Bankside as Tsuru is revamped

    Updated 5/8/2015 with new soft launch details.

    The ongoing march of the mighty Tonkostu continues. This time they're taking Tsuru Bankside (run by the same people) and relaunching it as Tonkotsu Bankside.

    The renovation is well underway and they're planning to reopen in August with the brand new look (see above). While it'll be keeping tonkatsu (that's the breaded pork) on the menu for the regulars,


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