• nutbutter

    If you’re having a crack at Veganuary, but haven’t yet discovered the wonder of nut butters, step right up to Selfridge’s where Pip & Nut are now running a pop up bar in the Foodhall.

    As the joke goes, the hardest thing about being a vegan is getting up early to milk all the almonds. But protein-packed dairy-free butters are no laughing matter, and have slowly been gaining popularity even with those who aren’t vegan.

    Throughout breakfast and brunch,


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  • gate eggs

    Vegetarians can sometimes get the raw end of the carrot stick when it comes to brunch, which can be pretty focused on stuff like sausages and bacon. Cause to celebrate then, that London veggie institution The Gate is bringing its award-winning blend of Indo-Iraqi Jewish cuisine to Marylebone. And yes - they’ll be open for breakfast.

    It’s a nicely imaginative selection - scrambled tofu with smoky shiitake mushrooms, bagels with avocado and organic poached eggs,


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  • PadellaIf you aren’t into meat or fish or if you fancy something a bit more varied, we’ve sought out some of the best veggie-friendly establishments in the city.

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  • It's the season - if, like us, you flipping adore Brussels sprouts, then this is your time. We've rounded up some of the more inventive ways to enjoy one of our favourite vegetables around town at the moment.

    First up, there's the sprout pizza...

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