• The Mildreds team are opening Mallow - a plant based restaurant at Borough Market

    mallow veggie restaurant borough market london

    19/10/21 - updated with the opening date and menu

    It's been 33 years since Mildreds first opened its doors in Soho, in a flash transforming London's vegetarian restaurant scene. Now they're getting ready to open their first brand new restaurant in over three decades.

    Mallow is going to be a totally new restaurant from the team in Borough Market. Located in a building right opposite

  • Eat your greens - London’s must-order vegetable dishes


    It’s never been easier to hit that five a day target, thanks to the creativity of London’s chefs. Here’s our pick of freaking delicious green veg dishes to try in restaurants around town right now.

  • Tendril are back with a plant-based menu at the Sun & 13 Cantons in Soho

    tendril pop up sun and 13 cantons

    After a brief reopening late last year, Soho's Sun and 13 Cantons is back and continuing its series of very interesting pop-ups (they hosted Darjeeling Express before Asma Khan opened their first restaurant) and it's a continuation of the last - Tendril.

    It comes from Rishim Sachdeva, previously at Chiltern Firehouse, Almeida and The Dairy and who is now going it alone with Tendril, serving up a plant-based

  • The best veggie and vegan burgers in London

    The Simplicity Burger Big Double

    Who says meat-eaters have all the fun? London's burger joints are after the vegetarian pound, so if you're in search of more than a bean burger in a soggy bun, here are some of the best veggie burgers in town.

  • Test Driving the Petersham Nurseries' Cafe Dine-At-Home box

    petersham nurseries pithivier

    As you might imagine, the at home offering from Petersham Nurseries is every bit as tasteful as you'd expect - they'll even include candles and plants in your delivery. We put it to the test. 

  • Veganuary specials for collection or delivery

    poke vegan bowl

    If you're taking the vegan plunge for the month (and maybe longer) - here's our roundup of the latest vegan specials available for collection or delivery. 

  • Rudy's is opening a vegan diner in Islington (next to their vegan butcher)

    Rudy's is opening a vegan diner in Islington (next to their vegan butcher)

    After the launch of their vegan 'butcher' (which has proven to be very popular indeed), Rudy's are also getting ready to bring their vegan diner to Islington (when restaurants open up again). 

    It'll be right next door to their butcher shop, on Islington's Upper Street. As with the original diner in Camden, you can expect a vegan spin to American diner classics,

  • Bubala are launching Bubie - a new delivery service with laffa sandwiches

    bubie by babala is a new veggie delivery service in London

    Last year it topped the list in our readers' vote as their favourite restaurant of the year. Now, the folk at Spitalfields veggie spot Bubala are about to open a brand-new delivery arm.

    Bubie is a pared-down spin on the restaurant's Middle Eastern, plant-focused food. So

  • Dishoom launch a vegan version of their naan kit - the vegan sausage naan roll

    Dishoom launch a vegan version of their naan kit - the vegan sausage naan roll

    During COVID times, the dawn of the DIY meal kit - particularly those centred around a signature dish - has been something of a godsend. One of the most popular has been Dishoom's Bacon Naan Kit.

    Now they've launched a vegan alternative - the Vegan Sausage Naan Roll Kit.

    The sausages themselves are Dishoom's vegan sausages, developed by

  • Bleecker team with Neil Rankin for a Symplicity veggie burger

    Bleecker team with Neil Rankin for a Symplicity Burger.

    Bleecker, still one of our favourite burgers in town, have been pretty busy over the past few weeks. After opening their stores, they then kicked off a home delivery service of cheeseburger kits which, we can attest, to work very well indeed

    And now they've just teamed up with someone else who's been

  • Veggie Pret's bakery counter goes all-vegan, with new croissants, brownies & more


    Pret may be having some difficulties at the moment, with fewer workers in the office, but the Veggie Prets continue to be very popular. And they're moving to the next stage of development with the launch of an all-vegan bakery counter. Making it all-vegan means that they're also launching lots of new pastries. 

    • The Vegan Plain Croissant, The Vegan Almond Croissant and The Vegan Chocolate Croissant
    • Vegan Banana and Walnut
  • Ikea launch Plant Balls - the vegan equivalent to their legendary meatballs

    Ikea launch Plant Balls - the vegan equivalent to their legendary meatballs 

    We're among many, many people who have a not-so-secret love of the Ikea meatballs. A trip to the store isn't the same without a plate of meatballs and chips and then taking home even more for the freezer. Just writing this is making us crave them right now. God, we love them. 

    But if you're vegan or vegetarian - the meatballs have been out of reach - until now. Because Ikea is about

  • The best veggie and vegan burgers being delivered in London

    london's best veggie burgers deliveries

    For the times when you want a delivery driver dropping off a towering plant-based burger to your door - we've got you covered.

  • Jikoni's Ravinder Bhogal is launching Comfort & Joy vegetarian home delivery

    Ravinder Bhogal is launching Comfort & Joy vegetarian home delivery

    During the lockdown, author and restaurateur Ravinder Bhogal has been very busy. Not only has she, her partner (in life as well as business) Nadeem Lalani and the team behind Jikoni been cooking for the homeless but they've also found time to come up with a brand new concept.

    Comfort & Joy will be a sister brand to the existing Marylebone restaurant - delivering vegetarian meals across London.

  • The best vegan and vegetarian food for delivery in London


    London's recent boom in plant-based restaurants has taken a little longer to filter into the delivery scene - but there are notable exceptions. Here's our pick of some of the best delivery options for anyone after vegan or vegetarian food during the lockdown. 

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