• Tonkotsu pops up at Proud East with their ramen and korokke

    Tonkotsu pops up at Proud East with their ramen and korokke

    If one Tonkotsu in Haggerston just wasn;t enough for you - they're now also opening a two-week pop-up at Haggerston-based Proud East

    For a short time only, visitors to the gallery will be able their fix of their salty, filling ramen when Tonkotsu takes over their open-plan kitchen. They’ll also be serving up gyoza, crab korokke (similar to croquettes) and their crunchy chicken karaage.

    You’ll be able

  • Gizzi Erskine teams up with Tonkotsu for Korean ramen


    Hot on the heels from their collaboration with Jose Pizarro, ramen masters Tonkotsu are now joining forces with Gizzi Erskine for their latest collaboration.

    This time around, Tonkotsu shining a spotlight on Korean flavours, with chef Gizzi helping create a Korean-style ramen to the table, plus her Korean fried chicken wings.

    The noodle soup will be packed with all the earthy bean and chilli pastes that make Korean food so darn delicious, including

  • A new Bone Daddies will be just steps from Oxford Street

    A new Bone Daddies will be just steps from Oxford Street

    What: Bone Daddies

    In a nutshell: A new ramen stop just off Oxford Street

    Summing it all up: Get stuck into Japanese food aplenty and Bone Daddies signature dishes, huge hearty bowls of ramen in their new branch on James Street.

  • Tonkotsu announces series of ramen collaborations with guest chefs


    Not content with merely opening a new restaurant, Anzu, a few months ago, the folk behind Tonkotsu are keeping busy by completely organising a series of ramen collaborations with guest chefs.

    First up, there’ll be tapas legend Jose Pizarro, who together with Tonkotsu's Ken Yamada has come up with a brand new

  • Yamagoya ramen pop-up to arrive on Shaftsbury Avenue this December


    There’s little more warming than a big steaming bowl of salty ramen, making the arrival of Yamagoya’s six-month pop-up in December well timed indeed.

    The Japanese noodle slingers will be bringing their array of traditional soups to frost-bitten London diners for the first time, including their eponymous Yamagoya ramen. For £12.50, you’ll be able to get a bowl of their homemade noodles immersed in tonkotsu broth, topped with chashu pork belly, marinaded bamboo

  • Clerkenwell Boy and Bone Daddies team up for #BoozyWeekendRamen

    Clerkenwell Boy and Bone Daddies team up for #BoozyWeekendRamen

    If you haven't heard of Clerkenwell Boy, you should know that he's pretty much the biggest food Instagrammer in London, and now he's getting ready to launch his own dish too. He's teaming up with Bone Daddies for a special four-weekend special - the #BoozyWeekendRamen, which will be a new special cheese ramen

  • Test Driving Bone Daddies new ramen bar at The Bower in Old Street

    dipping ramenThe daddies of hipster ramen have a new gaff - we went to check it out.

  • Tonkotsu ramen comes to Notting Hill

    Tonkotsu Notting Hill

    A new Tonkotsu is always good news and this latest sees them heading a little more west than usual, coming to Notting Hill, right around the corner from the Electric Cinema.

    This Tonkotsu will also be a small departure from the rest, as they're aiming for a counter-style ramen bar of the kind you'll find in Tokyo. Inside they'll have some old favourite ramen dishes as well as the Tonkotsu classics - homemade gyoza and chicken karaage - plus some

  • Kanada Ya opening second London ramen bar off Haymarket

    Kanada Ya opening second London ramen bar off Haymarket

    12/11/15 - updated with soft launch info. 

    As anyone who's walked past the original, which only opened last year, Kanada Ya is almost as hard to get into as Bao and Barrafina. Every time we pass by, there's always a significant queue outside (particularly on weekends). 

    So it's good news indeed that they're already opening a second branch.  And it's a bit bigger than the original too - with 56 seats over


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