• Hawksmoor Wood Wharf is their Canary Wharf restaurant - floating on the river

    Hawksmoor Canary Wharf

    The Hawksmoor empire is expanding as they get ready to open their seventh restaurant, this time in Canary Wharf. Their latest place will actually be floating in the water. Expect steaks, cocktails, lots of outside seating and one of their biggest bars to date.

  • Tataki is Marylebone's new steak and sushi spot

    tataki sushi brendon street marylebone

    A Hot Dinners exclusive

    Newly opened in Marylebone is Tataki - a steak and sushi bar from the folk who are also behind 500 Pizzeria in Brixton. There's precious little in the way of information on it, so thanks to Hot Dinners reader Miles who brought it to our attention.

    What we can tell you is that the focus is very much on sushi with all the usual options like salmon tataki, yellowfin

  • Le Petit Beefbar hits Chelsea

    le petit beefbar chelsea london

    The latest global restaurant chain to arrive in London is Beefbar. The meaty menu restaurant first opened in Monaco and since then has grown with branches in Saint-Tropez, Milan, Mykonos and Sao Paolo - which might give you an indication of what to expect. Here in London they've landed on Chelsea for their first UK opening, which is a bit of a diffusion line for the group as it's called Le Petit Beefbar.

    As owner

  • Salt Bae is finally opening his London Nusr-Et steak restaurant in Knightsbridge

    Salt Bae London

    Updated 23/9/21 with the opening date

    Sometimes restaurants take a little while to get from concept to actually coming to life and this is a good example. We're now four years in from initially publishing a story about Salt Bae opening in London and only now is it becoming a reality. Yes indeed - Salt Bae has arrived in London!

    Along with many people, we've become obsessed with the arrival of Salt Bae's new

  • Flat Iron's next London Bridge steak restaurant is at Clink Street

     Flat Iron are bringing a second restaurant to London Bridge at Clink Street

    13/9/21 - updated with opening details

    They already have a restaurant on nearby Tooley Street but now Flat Iron are opening a new site on nearby Clink Street (taking over from the old Gourmet Burger, just by The Clink museum). 

    If you've been to a Flat Iron before, you know the drill. It's all about affordable steak, centred around the flat

  • Black Cow is a Middle-Eastern steakhouse in Camden

    Black Cow is a Middle-Eastern steakhouse in Camden

    The big new Hawley Wharf development in Camden has brought with it a lot of new restaurants - including some brand new ventures. One of those is Black Cow, being billed as a "Middle Eastern steak house."

    It comes from Shiri Kraus (previously Palomar and The Barbary)

  • Hawksmoor head to New York with Hawksmoor NYC

    Hawksmoor heads to New York with Hawksmoor NYC

    Updated 8/9/21 with new images

    We're getting quite used to American steakhouses making their way to the UK but we've always known that we've had a very select few London places which are as good, and even better, than their American cousins. And now the tables are turning as the people who changed the London steak scene, Hawksmoor, have arrived in the States. 


  • London's best steak restaurants


    From steak powerhouses like Hawksmoor and Goodman to "steak for a tenner" spots like Flat Iron, there's a huge choice of steakhouses in London. So we've picked some of the restaurants that we think are serving up some of the best steak in town.

  • Flat Iron launches their ultimate steak sandwich

    Flat Iron launches their ultimate steak sandwich

    There's definitely a sense of normality returning when restaurants start launching special dishes - and Flat Iron's new steak sandwich looks like it's worth emerging from lockdown for. 

    Designed by their Head of Beef (a title we aspire to), it was apparently inspired by a trip to Casa Julián de Tolosa in Madrid. After various versions, the sandwich they eventually landed on is one

  • Macellaio RC takes over the Cafe Monico space on Shaftesbury Avenue

    Macellaio RC takes over the Cafe Monico space on Shaftesbury Avenue

    In what should be its biggest restaurant yet by far, Robert Costa's Macellaio RC (somehow, we've only now just realised what the RC stands for...) is heading up to Shaftesbury Avenue. It's taking over the space that was once one of the best pre-theatre dining restaurants in the area, Cafe Monico. But with no theatre, we can see how that might have been very hard to keep

  • Butcher & Brew arrive in Islington for steaks, beer & more

    Butcher and Brew arrives in Islington for steaks, beer & more

    Butcher & Brew have been established in Streatham for a few years, and now they've also just opened on the opposite side of London on Islington's Upper Street.

    Their new N1 spot opened briefly before we were plunged into the current lockdown but now it's back again,

  • Hawksmoor team up with Ocado to deliver steaks

    Hawksmoor team up with Ocado to delivery steaks

    As well as being masters of steak, Hawksmoor have continued to be masters of lockdown, They've shifted what they do towards delivery, ensuring that we can still get their lovely steaks and cocktails and that they can continue to keep staff employed and support their suppliers. 

    Their next pivot (we know, sorry!) is towards supermarkets - sort of. They've just teamed up with Ocado to deliver

  • Test Driving the Jones & Sons steak night delivery meal kit


    Modern British restaurant Jones and Sons is delivering a steak night finish-at-home dinner that's a lot more than simply a great meaty main. We gave it a try. 

  • Yorkshire group Tomahawk Steakhouse have taken over Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

    tomahawk steakhouse hoxton london

    Taking over Jamie Oliver's first and best-known restaurant in Hoxton is Yorkshire steakhouse group Tomahawk with a straightforward offering of steak and cocktails. 

  • Flat Iron bring the best of their beef together in their first meat box

    Flat Iron bring the best of their beef together in their first meat box

    Their restaurants may be closed (with a new one near Oxford Street opening imminently) but Flat Iron have taken the opportunity to launch their very first meat boxes. 

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