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  • Test Driving NoMad London - Covent Garden gets a jaw-droppingly impressive looking restaurant


    Originally from New York, the newest NoMad hotel has landed in London, with a jaw dropping dining room. We went to gawk at that and check out the food too.  

  • J.Sheekey is reopening with a weatherproofed year-round terrace

    j sheekey new terrace

    It was one of the last places we visited before the Christmas lockdown, but fans of Covent Garden restaurant J. Sheekey will be aware that the restaurant had yet to reopen its doors this summer. Turns out a 125 year old restaurant needs a bit of work done to look its best, so they've been spending that time giving it a bit of a refurb.

    To that end, Sheekeys is getting ready to open again this month and probably the biggest

  • New York's NoMad hotel is coming to London, landing in Covent Garden

    New York's NoMAd is coming to London, landing in Covent Garden

    Updated 19/5/21 with menu details

    Boutique hotel chain NoMad are taking over the Bow Street Magistrates Court in Covent Garden, a 19th Century listed building that should look pretty damned impressive once kitted out. 

    If you're unfamiliar with the original hotel, one of the best reasons to visit the NoMad in New York is the restaurant that was

  • Top Burmese restaurant Lahpet is opening in Covent Garden

    Top Burmese restaurant Laphet is opening in Covent Garden

    They started life as a stall on Maltby Street before becoming a popular Shoreditch restaurant - and now Lahpet are heading to the centre of town for their biggest venture yet. 

    They're coming to The Yards, a new area carved out in Covent Garden, which the huge Dishoom there is now part of (it backs onto the new space).

    As in Shoreditch, founders Dan Anton and head chef Zaw Mahesh

  • Manakish & Naanza bring flatbreads to Covent Garden

    Manakish & Naanza brings flatbreads to Covent Garden

    Coming to Covent Garden this summer is a new restaurant that's all about two types of flatbread: manakish or naan.

    They're taking over an old Starbucks (we're noticing a trend of chain coffee shops being replaced by independent ventures which we're all for) and you'll be able to choose either bread (all baked to order) as a base for all the toppings you desire. The restaurant is a

  • Test Driving Darjeeling Express - Asma Khan moves onward and upward to Covent Garden


    Asma Khan's restaurant finally gets to open the doors of its much larger new space - we went along to try one of their tasting menus. 

  • Floozie Cookie pops up in Covent Garden from ex-Claridge's pastry chef

    floozie cookie covent garden pop up

    If there's one thing we know makes 2020 better, it's baked goods. So news of a three-month cookie popup in Covent Garden is already making up happy.

    Floozie Cookie is a passion project by pastry chef Kimberly Lin who's worked everywhere from Claridge’s and The Savoy to Dominique Ansel Bakery. "The way you hold a cookie before that first bite, the variety of texture, the temperature, it can bring such joy,” explains

  • The original Covent Garden Dishoom is about to get a lot bigger

    The original Dishoom is about to get a lot bigger

    26/11/20 - updated with new soft launch details

    As it reaches its 10th anniversary, Dishoom is going back to the beginning, with a big change to its original Covent Garden restaurant. The smallest of the group, it's about to get a lot bigger as they've taken over the space left behind by the

  • Darjeeling Express heads to Covent Garden for a larger restaurant and deli

    Darjeeling Express heads to Covent Garden for a larger restaurant and deli

    After huge success with the original restaurant in Carnaby, Asma Khan is relocating Darjeeling Express to Covent Garden. As well as a bigger space, there will also be a deli and a new incubator programme.

  • Arôme bakery is opening its first permanent spot in Covent Garden

    arome bakery opens in Covent Garden's Mercer Street

    Fans of patisserie Arôme, which popped up for a while in Soho, will be pleased to hear that the artisan bakery is about to get its first permanent spot.

    They'll be opening next month in The Yards development in Covent Garden. The huge new 2,000 sq ft store on Mercer street will have a glass wall into its open kitchen, showing you the patisserie chefs at work.

    On the menu you'll find their signature cakes and pastries,

  • Sycamore Vino Cucina in Covent Garden is an all day Italian with a destination bar

    sycamore vino cucina restaurant london

    This new Covent Garden Italian sees top chef Paul Robinson inspired by Northern Italy from the nduja pizzas for breakfast through to hand-rolled pasta for dinner.

  • Da Henrietta sees Italian Supper Club take over at the Henrietta Hotel in Covent Garden

    Da Henrietta sees Italian Supper Club take over at the Covent Garden hotel 

    It's all change for the restaurant at The Henrietta in Covent Garden, We've already talked about the return of the very Christmassy Miracle pop-up, but there's also a change to their restaurant, which is relaunching as Da Henrietta. 

    That will now be headed up by Italian Supper

  • Barrafina Drury Lane is reopening as seafood spot Barrafina Mariscos

    barrafina mariscos drury lane

    5/10/20 - Updated with menu details

    Some London restaurants took lockdown as an opportunity to refine or rework their offering and that's exactly what's happened with the Barrafina on Drury Lane. They have revealed that the restaurant is reopening as Barrafina Mariscos. As the name suggests, it'll now serve up an almost exclusively seafood menu - with a focus on fish from British and Spanish waters.

    We've been wondering

  • Big Zuu teams up with Le Bab for a fried chicken shish kebab

    Big Zuu teams up with Le Bab for a fried chicken shish kebab 

    You know things are getting back to a kind of normal when special collaborations appear in restaurants again - and this one should make a trip to Soho or Covent Garden well worth it.

    This new creation is from grime artist Big Zuu, who is also a self-taught chef and made his culinary name with a show on Dave, Big Zuu’s Big Eats, where he heads all over the country cooking for comedians. He filmed one of the

  • Louie sees top US chef Slade Rushing and Paris Society opening on the old Robuchon site on West Street

    Louie sees top US chef Slade Rushing and Paris Society opening on the old Robuchon site on West StreetNew Orleans chef Slade Rushing has moved to London to open Louie in the old L'atelier de Joel Robuchon site in Covent Garden, joining forces with Parisian powerhouse restaurant group Paris Society.

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