• Amsterdam's The Avocado Show heads to London's Oxford Circus

    the avocado show opens in London

    Is this city big enough for two restaurants devoted to the avocado? The Avocado Show has been a huge hit back in Amsterdam since opening there four years ago (and they even had a pop-up here). Now they're hoping to work their brand of magic on Londoners, opening their first UK restaurant just off Oxford

  • Meet the Avolato - Selfridges' Insta gelato hit


    So this is rather cute. In an attempt - successful we'd say - to up the ice-cream game as we hit summer, Selfridges have introduced this crazily Insta-friendly dessert in their Food Hall.

    Available from the Snowflake gelato counter, the Avolato is made from 60% hass avocado, served in the avocado skin, with an editlbe nut butter stone. It's vegan, dairy and gluten-free and looks freakishly like an actual avocado. Fancy it? It'll set you back

  • Avobar launches an avocado pop-up in Covent Garden

    Avobar launches an avocado pop-up in Covent Garden

    A lot of people have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the permanent Avobar, the restaurant dedicated to all things avocado. And while the restaurant isn't quite ready yet, they are kicking things off early with an Avobar pop-up. 

    What will they be serving? Your guess is as good as ours, but

  • Breakfast is coming to Roka Mayfair

    Breakfast is coming to Roka Mayfair

    Roka in Mayfair is trying something new for November - they're unveiling a brand new breakfast menu - but it'll only be available on Saturdays during November.

    And we have to admit, the Japanese-inspired breakfast dishes do sound rather promising, with twists on a few very recognisable breakfast staples. So yes, smashed avocado does make an appearance - but it's not your usual smashed avocado.