• Hache team up with Zoe's Ghana Kitchen for a special Suya Burger


    If you like your fast food with a side order of do-gooding, then head to Haché where the first of their 2018 female chef burger collaborations is currently ongoing.

    They've teamed up with food writer and chef Zoe Adjonyoh of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen to put on a limited edition burger. The Suya Burger takes its influence from West African spices and flavours. It starts with the burger chain's classic 6oz prime hachéd steak burger, marinated in Suya, a peanut and

  • Bleecker and Smokestak team up for an epic burger

    Bleecker and Smokestak team up for an epic burger

    Two of our favourite places in London are getting together on Thursday for a one-off creation and it does look rather spectacular. Burger masters Bleecker are teaming up with smoking legends Smokestak for this mighty fine looking burger.

    It's Bleecker beef topped with Smokestak pastrami, pickles, sliced shallots & dill sauce - and on the side, there are fries topped with parmesan & anchovy

  • The guys from Breddos are launching Pocho - a new Californian street food concept at Giant Robot and Dinerama

    breddostoastadasThe guys from Breddos are branching out with a brand new concept of a Southern Cali-style menu of sliders, tacos and tostadas at Canary Wharf's Giant Robot.

  • Carl Clarke teams up with Chantelle Nicholson and Sophie Michell for International Women's Day burgers


    We're usually pretty partial to anything chef and restaurateur Carl Clarke (Chick n Sours and CHIK'N) comes up with but two new limited edition burgers he's been working on sound even more our thing than usual.

    Carl's teamed up with two top women chefs to celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March) this week.

    At Chick ‘n’ Sours Seven Dials there's a perfect dish for veggies. Here the partnership is with chef Chantelle Nicholson from ...

  • Honest Burger team up with The Cheese Truck for their next cheesy special

    Honest Burger team up with The Cheese Truck for their next cheesy special

    We have to admit, Honest Burgers really do know a thing or two about creating some damned fine sounding burger specials - and this latest one is no exception, oozing with cheesy goodness. 

    This time, they've teamed up with The Cheese Truck to create their latest opus. Inspired by the Truck's mozzarella sticks, it's an Honest beef patty, deep fried and crispy British

  • Bleecker Burger plan a charity day for Hospitality Action


    Life is tough and for some folk it can be even tougher - so the work of Hospitality Action, which does brilliant work to help support and build awareness around mental health and addiction in the hospitality industry has to be applauded.

    Zan Kaufman from Bleecker Burger knows all too well how much of a different this support can make. Her brother Mark, who worked in restaurants in Miami Beach suffered from mental illness and addition. "Last April, he overdosed and

  • Patty and Bun now have a vegan burger - the Whoopi Goldburger


    Patty & Bun have just launched their first ever vegan burger. Intrigued? Well, if you're minded to go and try it this week, the Whoopi Goldburger consists of a tempeh (that's fermented from soya beans for the uninitiated - yes, we had to look it up) and mushroom fritter, topped with pickled cucumbers, diced onion, double smoked gouda cheese, mustard, ketchup and lettuce - all in a bonsoy milk bun.

    Available at Patty & Bun Redchurch Street (or

  • Naughty Boy teams up with Shake Shack for his own chicken burger


    So this is an interesting collaboration - MOBO-award winning Naughty Boy has teamed up with Shake Shack to create his own burger. Burger development is a new string to Naughty Boy's bow - he's already a DJ, producer, musician and songwriter. 

    Available for just one month and in just one British Shake Shack - the Cambridge Circus one - The Naughty One is being used to push the launch of Shake Shack's new Shack Sounds. It's a programme

  • LeyLey's comes to Holloway with burgers and chicken skin sugar doughnuts

    LeyLey's comes to Holloway with burgers and chicken skin sugar doughnuts

    Looking for a new burger spot in Holloway/Highbury Corner? They LeyLeys may be exactly what you need. They've already appeared as a Marylebone pub residency, and now they've have found a new home in Holloway for six months. 

    It's been set up by William Leighton, who told us:

    "LeyLey's was an idea born out of time I had spent living on the west coast of the US, I fell in love with the

  • Mildred’s Dalston is serving a vegan burger that ‘bleeds’

    Mildred’s Dalston is serving a vegan burger that ‘bleeds’

    Veggies and vegans: would you eat a burger that bleeds? What if it was 100% animal-product free?

    If you’re at least semi-curious, then get down to the Dalston branch of veggie restaurant royalty Mildred’s, where you can try the B-12 burger from Moving Mountains, made with a pink, 'bleeding' raw patty of ‘plant meat’.

    Okay - so it’s not quite as graphic as all that, but taking a look at the

  • Vegan burgers and shakes as the Vurger Co goes permanent in Shoreditch

    Vegan burgers and shakes as the Vurger Co goes permanent in Shoreditch Burgers, mac’n’cheese and milkshakes, and not an animal product in sight as vegan junk food vendors The Vurger Co bring their plant-based approach to Shoreditch for their first permanent venue.

  • Honest Burgers are bringing back Carl Clarke's Disco Bistro burger

    discobistro burger honest burgers

    Remember Disco Bistro's Rollerdisco- way before the back of King's Cross got poshed up and turned into a massive Waitrose? Well Carl Clarke (of Chick n Sours) is bringing back his classic Rollerdisco ‘Disco Bistro’ burger for a three week period at all Honest Burger outlets.

    The Disco Bistro burger features a beef patty with

  • Beer and burger store hits Dalston's Kingsland Road

    beerburger dalstonA huge selection of craft beers and a brief menu of burgers for Dalston as Willesden restuarant Beer and Burger Store expands eastwards

  • Patty & Bun and Flat Iron team up for the Iron Patty

    Patty & Bun and Flat Iron team up for the Iron Patty

    At the moment you'll find rather a lot of Christmas specials on London menus but every so often there's another special that we just have to draw your attention to. And it usually involves burgers. 

    This time it's a team-up between Patty & Bun and Flat Iron who have created this - The Iron Patty. It's a Galloway mince beef patty, roscoff onions, fontina ‘goo’, dripping & truffle

  • MeatUp is coming to Chelsea with a build-your-own-burgers pop-up (including a Kinder Egg topping)

    MeatUp is coming to Chelsea with a pop-up burger kitchen

    They've been in Wandsworth for a year, but now MeatUp are bringing their burgers to Chelsea with their Build Your Own Burger pop up. 

    So - what can you expect from these custom burgers? First, you'll be able to choose how you want the burger cooked - and they'll be allowing rare as an option - then you can choose your bun: a milk bun, a black charcoal bun or a festive red beetroot bun. As for toppings, they