• MEATliquor's Clapham bar and diner is one of their biggest yet

    MEATliquor's Clapham restaurant is their biggest yet

    As they reach their 10th birthday, a new MEATliquor has arrived. This time they've opened in Clapham and it's a bit on the big side.

  • Wendy's return to the UK - Stratford is their first London restaurant

    Wendy's are returning to the UK - London restaurants are incoming 

    It's been a long time, but, US burger chain Wendy's is back on these shores - and opening in London too. They originally opened in Reading but their first London restaurant is Stratford Shopping Centre (note, not Westfield, the other one) - the opening salvo of their re-entry to London. It's been almost 20 years since they were last here (their flagship store was where the McDonald's

  • The National Burger Day party is coming back to London

    national burger day 2021 london

    26/8/21 - updated with all the burger details

    It's so nice to see the big food events coming back to life, isn't it? After last year's craziness, one of our favourites - the National Burger Day Party - is returning with a vengeance for 2021. The event devoted to all things burger related is going to have a central event in the heart of London.

    This year, they'll be taking over Vinegar Yard at London

  • National Burger Day 2021 - London's burger deals, discounts and specials

    national burger day london

    National Burger Day (Thursday 26 August 2021) is upon us once more and, as you might expect, it's inspired several London restaurants to turn out burger specials for the occasion. Here's what is planned for this week. 

  • The very best burgers in London (including deliveries and kits)

    burgersliderIt's been almost a decade since London's burger scene transformation kicked off with the arrival of the MeatWagon in Peckham and New Cross. Now Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a cracking burger which hopefully makes our guide to the best burgers in town, that bit more useful.

  • MEATliquor take over The Dartmouth Arms in Forest Hill

    meatliquor dartmouth arms

    Updated 7/7/21 with new opening date

    It's strange how things come full circle, isn't it? Way back in 2009 MEATliquor burst on to the London food scene in a truck located in a New Cross pub car park. They didn't open their first actual restaurant until 2011.

    Now, ten years later, their latest London opening is going to see them move back into pub life, taking over a pub in Forest

  • Behold the Max's Sandwich Shop mash-up with Patty & Bun

    max's sandwich shop burger with patty & bun

    Well, I think we can safely say that this is going to be popular.

    Max’s Sandwich Shop has got into bed with burger slingers Patty&Bun for a limited edition burger special that sounds like the best of both their worlds.

    If you've been to Max's place in Crouch Hill you'll know what a glorious beast his Ham, Egg N chips sarnie is. Now, he's presenting Londoners with the Ham, Egg, ‘N”

  • The best veggie and vegan burgers in London

    The Simplicity Burger Big Double

    Who says meat-eaters have all the fun? London's burger joints are after the vegetarian pound, so if you're in search of more than a bean burger in a soggy bun, here are some of the best veggie burgers in town.

  • The Burger Incident is a luxe DIY burger meal kit from SOLA and more

    The Burger Incident is a luxe DIY burger meal kit from SOLA and more

    A new burger delivery box with a difference has arrived, and this one is more than a bit on the luxe side. Coming from SOLA's Victor Garvey alongside Sven-Hanson Britt (Oxeye) and Joe Warwick (World Restaurant Awards), The Burger Incident is influenced by the trio's American, British and Irish roots and takes in some pretty high-grade ingredients. 

    Here's what's in

  • Shake Shack and Neil Rankin team up for a new vegan burger

    Shake Shack and Neil Rankin team up for a new vegan burger

    Kicking off today, Shake Shack have a new special on the menu that should be worth checking out.

    This time it's a collaboration with Neil Rankin who's bringing his vegan burger know-how to Shake Shack with The Crispy Shallot Burger. He's developed the patty with Jim Frisch, Shake Shack's Director of Culinary + Product Development, and it's made from roasted mushrooms

  • Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger takes over the Byron on Charing Cross Road

    gordon ramsay street burger london

    Gordon's burger joint finds its first central London location, taking over the old Byron site on Charing Cross Road.

  • Allegra is launching a Happy Burger pop-up on its terrace (and special residencies too)


    With the April date of alfresco opening getting ever closer, one restaurant is trying something new when they return. Patrick Powell and the Allegra team will be opening their (fantastic looking) rooftop terrace with a new pop-up called Happy Burger

    On the new menu will be: 

    • ‘The Happy Burger’, an Oklahoma-style onion burger with American cheese (and a Beyond Meat alternative too). If you don't know what an
  • The Joanna's burger pop-up is returning

    The Joanna's burger pop-up is returning

    We may still be a little way off from actually eating in (or outside) restaurants again, but they are still finding new ways to give us a small taste of the real thing. One of those is the burger pop-up outside Joanna's in Crystal Palace. A big success on its last appearance, it's making a return this weekend. 

    There are three burgers up for grabs:

    • The Joanna’s Hamburger - beef,
  • The Bleecker Black returns as a DIY kit - for one day only

    The Bleecker Black returns as a DIY kit - for one day only

    The Bleecker Black is one of Bleecker's most loved burgers (and actually our personal fave from them) but it hasn't been a mainstay of the menu for a while (since 2017, in fact). But now it's making a triumphant return for one day only, to celebrate St Patrick's Day. 

    It'll be available as an at-home kit, and features enough to make two Bleecker Blacks. So that's four dry-aged

  • Four Legs are teaming up with Yard Sale for a cheeseburger pizza

    four legs and yard sale cheeseburger pizza

    What happens when the creators of one of London's great burgers gets together with one of the city's great pizza groups? Well, you're about to find out.

    Next week, Four Legs - the folks responsible for this amazing cheeseburger, are launching the results of their collaboration with


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