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  • Hot Dinners celebrates the 2020 Murphia List with a party at Gibney's London

    murphia list 2020 party london

    With just over a week to go until St Patrick's Day, we made an early start on the festivities with a party last night to celebrate the launch of our 2020 Murphia List in association with Grass-fed Irish Beef. This is now the sixth year we've published the list, which shines a light on the creative input of Irish people on

  • St John restaurant celebrates its 25th anniversary and new book with an epic party

    st john 25th birthday party

    There are bound to be a few sore heads in London today (including ours) following the riotous partying in Smithfield at St John restaurant last night.

    Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver threw one hell of a bash to celebrate both the restaurant's quarter-century anniversary and the launch of their new book, The Book of St John.

    There were platters of pigs heads, Welsh rarebit, snails wrapped in bacon and buns of suckling pig and

  • Chef Jose Pizarro is feted with a party at the Spanish Embassy

    roomJosé makes his speech while the Spanish Ambassador and José's mother look on

    Last night, we headed over to the Spanish Embassy where there was quite the shindig in honour of

  • Hot Dinners celebrate the 5th annual Murphia List with a party at The Marylebone

    The Murphia Party

    To celebrate the publication of our fifth annual Murphia List - showcasing the most influential Irish people working in London's food and drink scene - Hot Dinners had quite a shindig this week. We took over NUMBER SIX at The Marylebone hotel - one of the rather beautiful event spaces within the hotel (which is part of the Doyle

  • The Connaught's annual Galette des Rois party brings London's restaurant crowd out in force

    galette de rois connaught

    Given that they're usually the ones providing the hospitality, there's nothing London's restaurant folk like more than a good party themselves. And the annual Galette des Rois hosted by Helene Darroze at The Connaught is hands-down one of the best of the year.

    Last night, throngs of chefs, food writers and restaurateurs pitched up at the hotel in Mayfair for the now-traditional January shindig. In the crowd, we spotted Raymond Blanc (who ...

  • Sketch's Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire celebrate its 15th birthday


    To Sketch last night where chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurant Mourad Mazouz threw a party in the two Michelin-star The Lecture Room & Library to celebrate the Mayfair restaurant's 15th birthday.

    In a speech before dinner, Mourad regaled guests with some of the terrible reviews he'd had in the first few years of opening including The Telegraph's Jan Moir, "diners booking Sketch can expect a fresh kind of hell" to The Guardian's Matthew Fort who said

  • Michel Roux Jr unveils new look Roux at Parliament Square


    Hot Dinners was in Westminster last night for the relaunch party of Roux at Parliament Square. The party was a chance to showcase the restaurant's major revamp and Michel Roux Jr was on hand to oversee the celebrations. "I've been told it looks like Le Gavroche," he told guests, "but with a more contemporary feel, which I think is a huge compliment."

    The evening was a bit of a get together for MasterChef folk - the restaurant's head chef Steve Groves won MasterChef

  • You can now order party canapes on Deliveroo

    canapesdeliverooWe have hit peak food delivery services with the introduction of party food ordering

  • McDonald's Dalston has a terrace and 3000 people wanted to party there

    mcdterraceWho wouldn't want to go to a party at a McDonald's in Dalston?

  • Restaurant folk turn out to celebrate Pierre Koffmann's 50 years in the kitchen

    koffmann party

    Well there was quite a shindig last night at The Berkekey hotel in Knightsbridge for the launch of Perre Koffmann's new cookbook and to celebrate the amazing achievement of 50 years of professional cheffing. The party was held at his restaurant there, Koffmann's which closes at the end of the year.

    All manner of restaurant folk turned up to celebrate the publication of Classic Koffmann: 50 years a chef. In the crowd, scoffing down frankly amazing

  • Tom Sellers throws A-list party to launch Restaurant Ours

    ourparty mainWell it's fair to say that Tom Sellers' new venture, Restaurant Ours, burst on to the London scene with one helluva party last night. Hot Dinners somehow managed to slip past the bouncers and hordes of paparazzi to gain entrance to one of the most fun dos we've been to in a while.

    The restaurant itself looks pretty amazing. Having taken over the site vacated by The Collection, it was always a dramatic space, but now, filled with full-size trees entwined