Soft launch

  • Hipchips brings conveyer belt crisps and dip to Soho

    Conveyer belt crisps and dip in Soho, from Hipchips

    04/11/16 - updated with soft launch details.

    First, there was Bubble Dogs. Then, there was Cereal Killers. And now, arriving on Old Compton Street this autumn comes Hipchips, taking pairings back to their most basic - chips and dip. Also, everything is served on a conveyer belt (for some reason.) 

    London’s voyage towards peak hipster is still going strong with the arrival of yet surprising dining concept,

  • Anzu is coming to St James' Market from the people behind Tonkotsu


    2/11/2016 - updated with extended soft launch info.

    There's always a lot of excitement when a new Tonkotsu opens, but now the people behind it, Emma Reynolds and Kensuke Yamada, are coming up with something brand new. They're opening Anzu in the new St James development and they're describing it as a Japanese brasserie - "good food and amazing service in fine but relaxed surroundings" .

    It's definitely a bit of a change from Tonkotsu - that's an

  • Bukowski breakfast coming to Soho

    Bukowski breakfast coming to Soho

    Just launched in Soho, Bukowski Grill are now adding breakfast to the menu - and they've a 50% off food launch offer too. 

    Their early breakfast includes:

    • Rolls - merguez with roast pepper salsa & fried egg - £6.25 and avocado, fried egg & chilli & tomato relish - £5.25
    • Waffles including "Elvis style": jam, peanut butter, bacon & banana - £7.00
    • Panuzzo melts: wood oven baked