Guest Chef

  • Tonkotsu, Chick n Sours and more headline guest chef series at Behind The Wall


    Don't know about you, but we're loving the various mashups and creative collaborations that are currently going down around London. And one upcoming combo of creative talents in Hackney has particularly caught our eye.

    Hackney cocktail bar Behind This Wall is bringing in some top talent for a series of guest chef nights, called ‘E is the magic number’. It features chefs and restaurateurs from within the E1-E9 postcodes taking over the teeny kitchen and sound

  • Sheekey's Oyster Bar to host all-female guest chef series


    There's an interesting series of chefs hitting Sheekey's oyster bar in 2016 and they all have one thing in common, they're women.

    The all-female guest chef series will run at the bar throughout the Spring and Summer and they've already announced the first three chefs who'll be cooking alongside resident executive chef Andy McLay. Rosie Birkett, Olia Hercules and Anna Jones also have another thing in common - they all began their careers as a writer and stylist, which