• P Franco's next chef is ex-Two Lights' Chase Lovecky

    chase lovecky p franco

    We were sad to hear that Two Lights restaurant was one of the victims of the lockdown, but where one door closes another opens. And today, P Franco announced that Two Light's former chef-patron Chase Lovecky would be their new resident chef.

    "Chase has been part of some of our favourite kitchens around the world from Momofoku Ko, Clove Club, and more recently Two Lights," they said. "We are excited to have him cooking on

  • Andi Oliver and Fred Sirieix team up for One Love restaurant pop up in Clapton

    One love pop up andi oliver and fred siriex

    They made a great team when they co-presented from Marrakech in the BBC show Remarkable Places to Eat. Now Fred Siriex and Andy Oliver are joining forces for a one month pop-up in East London.

    One Love will be a combination of Caribbean family cooking and French influences, taking over the Clapton Country Club for a month.

    As Fred explains: "I am very excited because Andi and I are opening a pop up here at the Clapton

  • Andi Oliver brings Andi's Wadadli Kitchen and Caribbean food to Clapton

    Andi Oliver brings Andi's Wadadli Kitchen and Carribbean food to Clapton

    Great British Menu's Andi Oliver is getting ready to deliver. This time she's teaming up with The Crooked Billet in Clapton to launch Wadadli Kitchen and it's all about Caribbean food. Here's how they describe it:

    Andi's Wadadli Kitchen is real Caribbean home cooking. Food from the heart of all the islands, from Antigua to St Lucia, Cuba to Jamaica, Martinique to Guyana. The influences
  • Santa Maria opens A Slice of Blue pizza pub in Clapton

    Santa Maria opens A Slice of Blue pizza pub in ClaptonA team-up between the founders of Santa Maria and Firezza, this is bringing pizzas, beer and music under one roof in Clapton - creating a new-style pizza pub in the process. 

  • Seb Myers is the latest chef to take charge of P Franco's induction hobs

    Seb Myers is the latest chef to takes charge of P Franco's induction hobs

    It's time for another change at P Franco, the tiny Clapton wine bar that manages to keep well ahead of London trends with only a few induction hobs to its name. If you're not familiar with them, they switch over chefs every six month or so - each chef completely changing the style of food and really stamping their name on the place. Most recently was Tubo Legier - and all eyes are on him to see what he does

  • Casa Fofo sees ex-Pidgin chef open in Hackney


    casa fofo claptonThe former Head Chef of Pidgin has moved about half a mile north in Hackney to open this neighbourhood spot with tasting menus, natural wine list and snacks.

  • Yard Sale team up with Matty Matheson for a Brick Lane bagel style pizza

    Yard Sale team up with Matty Matheson for a Brick Lane bagel style pizza 

    Yard Sale Pizza do have a great line in guest pizzas - and the next one they have lined up is definitely worth taking note of. They're teaming up with Matty Matheson - he's the founder of renowned Toronto restaurant Parts & Labour and also the host of host of Vice’s "It’s

  • P Franco's next resident chef will be George Tomlin

    P Franco's next resident chef will be George Tomlin

    If you're not familiar with P Franco, let us enlighten you. Put simply, it's a wine shop and bar in Clapton. But it's one which manages to get some of the brightest up and coming stars in London to be in charge of the food.

    Note that we don't say who's "in the kitchen" because P Franco doesn't have one. Instead, there are induction hobs at the end of the large sharing table that dominates the centre of the room.

  • CurAte popup in Clapton mixes art with Laughing Heart chef's food


    Like a bit of culture with your chowing down? Well an irregular popup called CurAte (see what they did there?) hits Clapton next week and it sounds worth a punt.

    The pair behind it Jenny Barcelos and Anna Beketov describe it as "new initiative that seeks to save souls through a combination of therapeutic visuals, nourishing cuisine and the art of conversation." So the space will showcase emerging artists alongside food by a chef who has been inspired by the

  • Test Driving Del 74 - a real taco find in Clapton

    quesDel 74 is a taqueria in Clapton that seems to be doing everything just right. When various folk on the London restaurant scene recommended it to us, we popped down for a Test Drive. 

  • The new chef at P Franco is former Clove Club sous Tim Spedding

    franco spedding

    A Hot Dinners exclusive

    Earlier this year, we popped along to check out chef William Gleave's cooking at P Franco, having heard some seriously great buzz about him on the London food grapevine. Now Gleave has moved on and the teeny kitchen he occupied at the back of this Clapton wine bar has a similarly illustrious chef on

  • Former Garagistes chef takes over the kitchens at P Franco in Clapton


    When the much-vaunted Tasmanian restaurant Garagistes announced it was closing in Spring this year, folk down under wondered where the respective members of the talented crew would end up. Co owner Katrina Birchmeier moved to NYC to open The Four Horsemen in Brookyn and now Head Chef William Gleave has tipped up in London.

    Gleave (pictured above right) has just been announced as the new head chef at P Franco in Clapton. A quick look at a draf menu includes dishes like