• Sichuan restaurant Zhang Liang Mala Tang is coming to London

    Sichuan restaurant Zhang Liang Mala Tang is coming to London

    A Hot Dinners exclusive 

    Every now and then, plans for a restaurant in London catch our eye. The latest is for a space on Shaftesbury Avenue that should be for one of China's big chain restaurants (there are over 5000 of them), Zhang Liang Mala Tang.

    It will be a serve yourself Sichuan restaurant, with mala tang soup as the base.

    Just browse and select

  • Yatay is a new Japanese grill restaurant for Soho

    Yatay is a new Japanese grill restaurant for Soho

    Taking the place of Ichibuns in Chinatown, Yatay is a new Japanese robatayaki grill restaurant, inspired by the izakayas and street vendors of Tokyo (indeed, ‘Yatay’ is a reference to those very street vendors).

    In addition to the aforementioned grilling, pickling and fermenting will be a big thing on the menu by Head Chef Marco Ardemagni, who comes from Sushisamba. That

  • New China rises from the ashes to reopen in Chinatown

    new china restaurant reopens chinatown london

    Well before Covid decimated trade in London's Chinatown, longstanding New China restaurant on Gerrard Street suffered its own catastrophe. A fire ripped through the well known restaurant back in September 2019, leaving most of the restaurant seriously damaged.

    But now, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the restasurant has finally reopened its doors. Over the last 20 months it's had a full refurb

  • Wing Wing brings their Korean chicken and beer to Chinatown

    wing wing korean food for chinatown

    The latest Wing Wing, its flagship restaurant, is coming to a big new space on the edge of Chinatown - with Korean fried chicken alongside draft beer (and eventually karaoke too). 

  • Luke Selby and his brothers take over at Evelyn's Table

    Luke Selby and his brothers take over at Evelyn's Table

    14/10/20 - Updated with full opening details

    Over on the edges of Chinatown, Evelyn's Table is gearing up for a reopening with a changeover of chefs that sounds very promising indeed.

    The diminutive restaurant, tucked away in the basement of The Blue Posts won a slew of awards when it first opened two years ago (and we were ...

  • Tokyo Diner's future rests on their new Fakey Cakey sushi cakes

    fakey cakey sushi cakes in London's chinatown

    If you prefer savoury to sweet, then the next time you're searching for something special for your birthday, look no further than Chinatown's Fakey Cakey. This new venture, set up by Tokyo Diner during lockdown, is selling amazing looking cakes made entirely from sushi.

    There's the vegan asparagus garden option, a sashimi cake topped with sliced avocado and ikura-caviar and even a katsu cake (choose from meaty or veggie

  • Dine alfresco this autumn with Chinatown's new 'Take Put' boxes

    Chinatown London's stay put boxesA new initiative in London's Chinatown this autumn is enticing foodie Londoners to take their take out to the streets. 

  • Dumplings' Legend reopens for business delivering xiao long bao and more

    dumplings legend reopens for xiao long bao delivery and more

    Well now, this is welcome news. Given how much Chinatown suffered in a drop off in trade the weeks before lockdown, any signs of revival there are doubly appreciated.

    So we're delighted to reveal that one of our favourite hangouts in London, Dumplings' Legend, is back up and running.

    The restaurant announced yesterday that it had moved to delivery, with "Stir-fry and Xiao long Bao and our

  • London's Chinatown keeps its spirits up by getting chefs and restaurants to share recipes

    London's chinatown campaign during lockdown

    London's Chinatown has certainly been one of the city's hardest-hit areas by Covid-19, having seen its business decimated weeks before the official lockdown started.

    So it's good to hear about a new campaign to keep at least the spirit of the place alive, until we can visit again. #BringingChinatownHome is all about allowing Londoners to explore, take inspiration and enjoy Chinatown without leaving their living room.


  • Pachamama announce Chinatown restaurant by insulting Chinatown - updated

    pachamama rat email

    It's Restaurant Marketing #101 (not to mention common decency) not to insult the cuisine of the country whose food you're serving up, but that lesson seems to have eluded someone at Pachamama.

    In an email sent out to their mailing list yesterday promoting both Chinese New Year, which in 2020 is the Year of the Rat, and their upcoming new Chinese noodle restaurant Yiu Fat Noodle, they've written (with our bolding):

    In order to pay our
  • Kova, Taiyakiya and Meet Fresh are bringing more desserts to Chinatown

    Kova, Taiyakiya and Meet Fresh are bringing more desserts to Chinatown

    More change for Chinatown, which has seen quite a few new restaurants and shops appear thanks to the Newport development. This time it's the turn of three new dessert spots for the area.

    First up is Kova Patisserie (who already have another location in Soho). Like their other shop, they'll have French patisseries with a Japanese twist - like their mille crepes - as well as a

  • Taiwan's Monga Fried Chicken are opening their first UK branch in London's Chinatown

    monga fried chicken london chinatownPopular Taiwanese fried chicken chain Monga have chosen London's Chinatown for their first European branch.

  • Bun House brings their Cantonese buns to Chinatown

    Bun House brings their Cantonese buns to ChinatownSince 2017, Bun House have built up a reputation in Soho for their steamed buns. Now they're opening a much larger restaurant in the heart of Chinatown (with new buns too). 

  • Yamagoya ramen returns to Soho and there will be raindrop cakes

    Yamagoya returns to Soho, and this time it's permanentYamagoya ramen originally started as a pop-up upstairs at Shuang Shuang. Now they're back, taking over the main restaurant for good and are bringing their famed raindrop cake with them. 

  • Two new Chinatown restaurants JinLi and Shanghai Modern announced for the Central Cross development

    jinl chinatown central crossA modern Sichuan and a Shanghai noodle and dumpling offering will be the first two restaurants to open in Chinatown's new Central Cross development.

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