• Creams Cafe are launching a dessert poke bowl

    Creams Cafe are launching a dessert poke bowl 

    There's no getting past the fact that poke bowls have become a thing in London of late. Creams Cafe have clearly noted that as well - however, they seem to have (deliberately) misread the brief. So where on one side you have a generally healthy bowl of seafood and vegetables, Creams have gone in another direction. 

    Yes indeed - their poke dessert bowl is a warm waffle wedge base, topped

  • The best ice cream in London (including delivery)

    best ice cream delivered in London

    We pick out London's best ice cream and gelato purveyors.  Plus - we're telling you who will deliver your ice cream right to your doorstep.

  • Reenie's ice-cream parlour opens in Primrose Hill

    reenie's ice cream primrose hill

    What's a thespian to do, when all the theatres are shut? According to London actress Sirine Saba, it's the perfect time to make a sideways step into hospitality. Sirine has just opened Reenies, an ice-cream parlour in Primrose Hill, next to longstanding veggie spot Manna.

    "Reenie’s is our Covid baby," explains Sirine, "conceived and born out of a desire to connect with, uplift and delight our community at a time when

  • Bears go very Christmassy with their ice cream (including Christmas Tree flavour)

    Bears go very Christmassy with their ice cream (including Christmas Tree flavour)

    Now we're past November 5th (although you may have only watched the fireworks from the comfort of your sofa) it's safe to get a little bit more excited about Christmas - and that's what Bears ice cream is doing. Phil Harrison and Vera Thordardottir's independent London-based ice cream company has a brand new ice cream range that goes all-in on Christmas (and can be delivered, of

  • Bakery deliveries - the best places delivering bread and pastries in London

    london's best bakeries doing delivery

    Searching for sourdough? On a quest for cakes? Or desperately seeking scones? We've rounded up bakers and bread makers all doing delivery across the city. 

  • Bubblewrap waffles are coming to Covent Garden, all ready for Instagram

    Bubble Wrap waffles are coming to Covent Garden, all ready for Instagram

    Instagram fave Bubblewrap are unveiling a new store, this time in the heart of Covent Garden. Expect all the popular flavours and some special exclusives for the new store too. 

  • Crosstown Doughnuts turn their hand to ice cream

    Crosstown ice Cream

    They already have some of the best doughnuts in town, now Crosstown is getting into the ice cream business. Three of their shops (Shoreditch, Canary Wharf, Greenwich) will be launching ice cream scoop bars, either in cones. cups or tubs to take home. Many of the other stores will have mini tubs ready to grab and go (and there will be delivery too, of course). 

    The flavours sound pretty great:

    • Salted Treacle – Rich, slightly
  • Chin Chin puts their nitro to use with ice cream by post

    Chin Chin puts their nitro to use with ice cream by post

    We've seen plenty of ice cream sent by Deliveroo or UberEats, knowing that a tub can take a 20-minute trip without melting. But we definitely didn't think it was possible to put a tub of ice cream in the post. But now Chin Chin are here to prove us wrong. 

    They'll be using their liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, which means that it can stay cold for up to 32 hours, more than enough time to make it the

  • Bears at the Pavilion will be dishing out Icelandic soft serve on Brook Green

    bears at the pavilion opens on brook green

    Popular West London ice-cream sellers Bears Parlour is opening its second outlet this weekend - a kiosk on Brook Green.

    Run by Phil Harrison, former head chef at the much-respected Anglesea Arms gastropub, and his partner Vera Thordadottir, they've made quite the name for themselves with their Icelandic soft serve.

    Seasonal ice-cream flavours include things like Salted Pumpkin Seed Nougat or Blueberry, Lavender Jam

  • A free make-your-own Magnum kit is here

    A free make-your-own Magnum kit is coming

    London may not be seeing the return of the Magnum Pleasure Store this year - for fairly obvious reasons - but that isn't stopping them. If you can't come to the Pleasure Store - it's coming to you. 

    Magnum are teaming up with Deliveroo for a new Make My Magnum kit. Which is essentially a kit for pimping your Magnum. 

    The kit contains a pack of Ruby Magnums (which we've become rather addicted to in lockdown) packed

  • Crème brings gooey cookies and frosties soft-serve to Soho

    Crème brings gooey cookies and frosties soft-serve to Soho

    We have a soft spot for a dessert bar, and only a few weeks after the launch of Bafarat, Soho has more sweet things on the way.

    This time it's the launch of Crème on D’Arblay Street, which is all about giant cookies, soft-serve ice cream, ice-blended slushies and more. It comes from Chef Jeremy Coste who is also behind North Audley Cantine, where he's been testing his cookie prowess with crunchy frosties

  • Farringdon's House of Ice Cream pop-up is serving ice cream with fried chicken and chips


    At this time of the year, ice-cream pop-ups are ten a penny in London, but we have to say The House of Ice Cream that opens today in Farringdon has got our attention. The two week pop-up by Fuller's Kitchen, next to The Conductor pub, has been timed to launch ahead of National Ice-cream Day and will be serving up ice cream with a side of chips, chicken and hot sauce.

    Choose from two mains - ice cream and fries or with fried chicken, desserts consist of

  • Badiani gelato open their new ice-cream parlour on the Fulham Road


    You've got to hand it those Italians - not only do they know how to make cracking gelato, but they're also a dab hand at planning the perfect opening for their latest shop in London.

    With the coming days in London set to scorchio, the Florentine company will be throwing open the doors to their new ice-cream parlour on the Fulham Road. Even better, this new branch will have a lovely garden out the back. So alfresco meets gelato just as the British summer comes

  • Snowflake Gelato and Blondies Kitchen team up for a ice cream and cookies pop-up at Selfridges

    Snowflake and Blondies

    As the weather takes a turn for the better again (looks out the window - not yet) this new mash-up at Selfridges may be just the thing. Popping up at the Snowflake gelato shop for a few weeks is a mash-up between Blondies Kitchen and Snowflake Gelato - an ice cream and cookie pop-up. 

    On offer is:

    • Cereal Milk Cookie Sandwich - cereal milk gelato (either Frosties or Coco-Pops)
  • Kith Treats cereal bar comes to London at Selfridges with soft-serve, milkshakes and more...

    Kith Treats cereal bar comes to London at Selfridges with soft-serve, milkshakes and more... 

    From today, London is getting a new cereal bar - but this is no Cereal Killer. This much more high-end approach is linking in with the launch of NYC's top fashion brand Kith, who have opened a store inside the Selfridges menswear department. And they've brought over the much-loved Kith Treats from New York too. 

    Kith Treats is all about cereal (the


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