South Kensington

  • Le Cirque chef Raphael Francois returns to London to head up Launceston Place


    So this is interesting. Launceston Place has a hot new Chef Patron in the kitchen. When head chef Tim Allen left the restaurant last summer, we were wondering who would take over from him. Now we hear it's Raphael Francois, who's moved back to London from New York where he was Executive Chef at Le Cirque.

    This isn't Raphael's first time in London though. He used to be Executive Chef at The Connaught hotel, working alongside Hélène Darroze, when the restaurant, Hélène

  • Brompton Food Market duo take on Kensington pub The Hour Glass


    Well here's a pub opening we're pretty darned excited about. The Hour Glass pub is getting two new owners - Luke Mackay and David Turcan, who currently run Brompton Food Market. And if the food offering at the pub turns out to be anything like the stuff we've had from their deli then this might be worth crossing town for.

    Luke has form for taking on pubs and turning them into something special, having already done this with well regarded country pub The Royal Oak

  • A place to be cosseted - we Test Drive Ognisko in South Kensington

    ognisko 425With the opening of a beautiful terrace Ognisko has become a restaurant to take real pleasure in

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