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The original BBQ boys, Pitt Cue Co, have outgrown their Soho spot and have relocated to much bigger premises in the City. Expect a step-up on the menu (more cuts, for example) but this means no more pulled pork, alas. This time they'll be taking bookings too.

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Address: 1 The Avenue, Devonshire Square, EC2

Telephone number: 0207 324 7770

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Nearest station: Oxford Circus

Nearest Station: Liverpool Street

Opening times: Monday - Friday 12-3pm, 6-10.30pm

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Critic reviews - total score 8 out of 10

Critics' score: 6
Giles Coren Times
Reviewed by June 11, 2016
"So not a bad meal at all. Indeed, in parts, a good one. But confirmation, as if one needed it, that barbecue is an experience much happier in the mind than in the belly." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 7.5
Marina O'Loughlin Guardian
Reviewed on April 15, 2016
"Pitt Cue is sophisticated, thoughtful, surprising; it offers chic cocktails (no gin or vodka: I suspect they think those are for softies) and interesting wines. They brew their own beer. This isn’t a barbecue joint, it’s a restaurant that barbecues: and a thunderingly good one." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Tom Parker Bowles Mail
Reviewed on April 10, 2016
"Then, at long last, smoke. Not that I’ve really missed it. But the pork jowl is magnificent, with fat so rich and buttery I want to sup it by the pint." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 10
David Sexton Evening Standard
Reviewed on March 09, 2016
"Head chef Oscar Holgado has been liberated to produce a menu that in some ways comes on like St John as much as like a Southern barbecue, even offering one fish (brill, say, or sole), although still nothing so mimsy as a salad or vegetarian main." READ REVIEW

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