Café Deco

| King's Cross, Bloomsbury

Anna Tobias is an ex-River Cafe and Rochelle Canteen chef and her first solo venture, in Bloomsbury, is backed by the people behind 40 Maltby Street and it's very much about comfort food. Keep an eye on Instagram for the daily changing menu - each one is a masterclass in great menu writing.

Test Drive

Test Driving Cafe Deco - a Bloomsbury delight of thoughtful cooking
Anna Tobias' first solo venture Cafe Deco has been quietly building a fanbase in Bloomsbury. It was definitely time to make a visit.  ...
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Restaurant details

Address: 43 Store Street, London WC1E 7DB
Nearest station: 
  • Goodge Street


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43 Store Street, London WC1E 7DB


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Cafe Deco sees Anna Tobias and 40 Maltby Street team up in Bloomsbury
Ex River Cafe/Rochelle Canteen chef Anna Tobias comes to Bloomsbury for her solo restaurant, which is backed by the team behind 40 Maltby Street.  ...
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