Test Driving Yuu Kitchen from Restaurant Box - chicken baos, rolls & more...

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roomHere's what's in the box - make sure to read what's in the fortune cookies.

What can you tell us about Yuu Kitchen?

Yuu Kitchen opened up in Spitalfields, headed up by Stephen Lowe (previously Icebar) and Head Chef Jon de Villa (previously at Nobu, Nobu Berkeley, Zafferano and Bone Daddies), with a focus on Japanese and South Asian cooking. 

What are they offering with Restaurant Box?

There are three main boxes on offer - pork, chicken and vegetarian - with baos and another dish at the centre of each one. We went for the Chicken Chicken box which has Chicken Bao, Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps and a Shichimi Chilli Chocolate Mousse to finish. 

How easy is it to put together?

The baos were very simple. The rolls. on the other hand, need a little more patience. It's really worth watching the video on how to make them beforehand. But once you've done one of those according to plan, the rest are simple. 

Here's how all that looked:

roomFirst up - the turmeric flavoured rice paper wraps with 'brick chicken', pickled red cabbage and Thai aromats. Definitely worth watching the video for, these involved coating the rice paper in turmeric water until it was all pliable and then assembling and wrapping up the contents in a neat parcel.

roomThis took a couple of goes to get right (absolutely watch the video) but it was very satisfying when complete. It's our first time attempting rice paper rolls and it was a very useful technique to learn. 

roomNext - soy & buttermilk panko chicken bao Carolina, with reaper mayo, chilli, daikon pickle, cucumber and sesame. Hard to go wrong with a bao - and these were top notch. There are four chicken thigh pieces, marinated in buttermilk that you just need to coat, then bake and then piece together everything in the (ideally) steamed (but you can microwave) baos. Lots of chilli is included, so you can up the heat considerably if you fancy. 

roomTo finish - Fire Cracker Chocolate Mousse Pot - chocolate mousse topped with Japanese 7 spice shichimi. Perhaps a tad over generous on the shichimi for our tastes, but you can always shake a little off. Otherwise, top dessert. 

Overall thoughts 

Yuu kitchen have put together a delicious kit which, once you'd watched the well shot video, was a cinch to put together. We reckon this would be a particularly good mid-week supper. 


More about Yuu Kitchen with Restaurant Box

How much: £50, feeds two. 

How to order: On the Restaurant Box website

Delivery range: London only

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @yuu_kitchen.


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