Test Driving Wright Brothers At Home - from the shore to your door

diningroomA delivery of fresh fish, shellfish and other treats from Wright Brothers at Home.

Is this shop a new way to support their restaurants?

Yes, but it's actually bigger than that. Sure, Wright Brothers have five restaurants in London that are currently closed to the lockdown but, as wholesalers, they also supply over 300 of the city's top restaurants and chefs. That's a lot of business to lose and if we want them, and the fishing boats down in Brixham who supply them, to make it out of the other end of this crisis, we will need to give them our support where we can.

What's for sale?

If you're after some guidance, then you could opt for one of their selection boxes. You can choose a range depending on the size of your household and whether you're after fresh or smoked seafood. Looking for inspiration on what to make with it? There's an extensive recipe section on the shop's site, created by chefs from their restaurants, with ideas like piri-piri lobster or BBQ monkfish kebabs.

We decided to go for a more a-la-carte selection, getting a selection of shellfish, so we could put together a series of seafood platters and dishes over the course of a week. Here's what we had:

diningroomNative cooked lobster (£26) - caught sustainably in pots in the waters off the South Coast of Devon. After watching a video on how to actually get the meat out of the lobster (we found a Jamie Oliver video on YouTube) we ended up with a new regard for the folk doing this normally in restaurants. But the effort was worth it - the lobster flesh was super sweet and tender.

diningroomOur seafood platter consisted of a dressed crab (£14), Wright Brothers' London cure smoked salmon (£9) and we pushed the boat out with some caviar baeri from Kaviari Paris (£25 for 20g). We then ate it out on the balcony and pretended we were down on the seafront somewhere in Devon.

diningroomI was mightily tempted by the idea of some Jersey oysters (£15 for a dozen) but was put off the idea when reminded of my general cackhandedness. But there's a video on how to shuck them on the Wright Brothers Instagram page so maybe I should have been braver...

Anything to drink?

Not right now. We'd have loved to see some of the lovely wines they have in their restaurants on offer here too, so maybe that's something they'd consider adding in the future.

Overall thoughts:

If you've been getting pangs at the idea of sitting alfresco at one of Wright Brothers' restaurants with a platter of top-class seafood and a glass of wine in hand - then this will most definitely tide you over.


More about Wright Brothers At Home

How to order: Head to their online shop.

Where do they deliver?: If you're inside the M25 then you're on their delivery route. The minimum order is £35 (free delivery for orders over £50) and they operate five days a week from Tuesday – Saturday.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @wrightbrosltd

Hot Dinners were sent this selection as a gift by Wright Brothers. Prices correct at time of publication.


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