Supper club turned restaurant - we Test Drive Pidgin

Supper club turned restaurant - we Test Drive Pidgin

What can you tell us about Pidgin?

It's the next step from supper clubbers/podcasters James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy. They've taken the basis of their supper club - a single 4 course tasting affair - and used it as the basis for their first restaurant. Expect an oft-changing, seasonal menu plus cocktails and a simple wine list from the bar.

Where is it?

It's very near Hackney Central station, and the space will be familiar to most people as the space where Mayfields used to live.

Where should I meet for a drink first?

There's not TOO much in the near vicinity unless you pop into the area near Hackney central station (where you can grab a drink at Tonkotsu). Although particularly recommended nearby (although, alas, closed for Summer on our visit) is teeny wine bar Pinch. Alternatively, on a decent night if you're early for your table you can grab a cocktail on one of the outside seats.

Who's Pidgin best for?

It's a small place - so if you don't like sitting to close to your neighbours, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you like the supper club vibe and embrace a no-change menu, this is for you. And the regularly changing menu means that multiple visits are likely. It's also a great place for locals too.

Where should I sit?

We sat by the window - a seat for two. If you can grab that, do. It's a lovely looking room, it has to be said. And top marks for the sound of thunderstorms in the loo.

And what's on the menu?

As mentioned, they offer a one-menu-for-all affair (with a veg version available if necessary). It's £35 for four courses, which also includes some wonderful rosemary bread and corn butter. The four courses available on our visit (and it's already changed since last week) were:

  • Iberico pig fat prawn toast - the winner on the night, a different take on traditional prawn toast proving that adding pig DOES improve everything
  • Pork bone tea, baby gem and white pepper - where you're encouraged to get a little messy and wrap the pork in the lettuce before downing the broth.
  • Poached poussin, grilled carosello, sambal and rice - a good dish, but this in particular could perhaps have done with a few extra carbs.
  • Sake lees ice cream, blueberries and a wonderful brown butter financier

And for drinks?

There's a small wine list starting at £33 for a bottle of Vina Falernia "Elki" at £22 and there's sherry or sweet sparking wine available for dessert too. We'd definitely recommend starting with a cocktail - the TLC No Scrubs (tequila, blanco, lime, cherry, blackberry) was the winner here.


Pidgin has made the transition from supper club to restaurant with aplomb and is a worthy successor to the space that held Mayfields. A treat for locals and visitors alike.

Pidgin is at 52 Wilton Way, London E8 1BS. Find out more about Pidgin

Hot Dinners were invited to Pidgin. Prices are correct at the time of writing.