Test Driving Great British Menu finalist Ruth Hansom's at home menu

ruth hansom finish and feast menuHere's what's in the full set, which handily comes collected in bags marked starter, main and dessert.

So what do we need to know about Ruth Hansom?

You may well remember her from the first series of the Million Pound Menu in which she and fellow contestant Emily Lambert secured £750k-£1m from backer Atul Kochhar. Ruth also represented the North East in the final of the Great British Menu last year. When not in lockdown, you'll find her in the kitchens at the Princess of Shoreditch gastropub just off Old Street roundabout. While pubs are closed, however, she's developed an at-home menu showcasing her skills with Finish & Feast. 

Is this a ready to eat or ready to heat menu?

Mainly the former - really only the main course needs to be cooked. Otherwise, both starter and dessert are essentially plate-up jobs. It all comes handily delivered in three brown bags, marked starter, main and dessert. Very handy if, like us, you've spent a fair bit of time matching pots with relevant courses in other meal kits. 

So what's on the menu?

It's a relatively straightforward three-course menu which serves two people. Here's what we had:

ruth hansom finish and feast menuTreacle cured sea trout served with gherkin ketchup, soda bread and a cucumber and fennel salad. All that's needed here is to warm the homemade soda bread in the oven for five minutes before assembling your spread. The delicate sea trout goes perfectly with that crunchy, piquant salad.

ruth hansom finish and feast menuBraised lamb with mint gnocchi, Jerusalem artichokes, broccoli, pickled mushrooms and lamb jus. Fantastic main course. The lamb is ''warm in the bag', and then you just fry the gnocchi, broccoli and artichokes. The intensity of that lamb jus was off the scale.

ruth hansom finish and feast menuChocolate nemesis cake with crème fraiche and caramelized orange. Nice and simple. You just slice and plate it up. We had to go and have a bit of a lie down after all this.

Overall thoughts:

Hansom's menu makes relatively simple-sounding dishes into a very elegant dinner at home for two. The flavours are all wonderful and it's also a very easy job to get on to the table. Perfect supper for anyone wanting a nice at-home menu without too much fussing.

Hot Dinners was sent this a gift. Prices correct at the time of publication.


More about Ruth Hansom

How much? £80 for two people

How to order: Order online.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow Ruth on Instagram @ruthhansom


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