Test Driving Ned's Feast - unlimited Sunday lunch in the City

roomThe central station with ALL the food. And yes, it does go all the way around. 

What is the Ned's Feast?

Ned's Feast is the unlimited Sunday lunch in The Ned, and it is an undeniably impressive affair.

We'd often heard talk of this oh-so-extra Sunday lunch and we also caught a glimpse ourselves when we gave their unlimited Kaia brunch a Test Drive. Taking up a huge central station in Millie's Lounge, just inside the main entrance as well extending to the Nickel Bar and Lutyen's Grill, we think it's the biggest Sunday buffet we've seen in London. They even have live music on to entertain you while you feast. And it's very popular - with an eight-week wait currently to get a table.

It's completely unlimited?

Absolutely. Here's how it all works. You book a table for a two hour period. During the two hours, you just head for the buffet again - and again - and again. The only other rule is - absolutely do not eat breakfast on the day. You'll need the space. 

What's on offer?

A LOT. Realistically, there is no way you'll be able to try everything on offer - there's just too much (we hear they get a lot of repeat visitors). Here's what to expect:

roomYou might want to start with these, Yes - all these lobsters are included in the unlimited lunch. Just pop-up and grab one with some Marie Rose sauce and get cracking (they're already divided in two - but you'll have to crack the claws yourselves).

roomThere are oysters too, not to mention prawns and smoked salmon. So you can quite easily put together a fully surf and turf lunch. 

roomThe salad bowls are also huge - so if the trimmings (see below) aren't to your taste, head back to this section. In the background, you'll also note that they also have one of our most favourite things - devilled eggs - on the menu. 

roomThe main event - featuring beef, pork and crackling, chicken and salmon en croute (you hand your plate over and they'll slice what you need). 

roomWant all the trimmings? Then that's all of this lot - including potatoes (very good potatoes - both crispy and crumbly), carrots and parsnips, stuffing, pigs in blankets, broccoli, cauliflower cheese and - of course, Yorkshire puddings. There's a vat of gravy on offer - so you don't need to hold back on that. 

roomYou may just want to take things easy for your first run - not piling it on and head back for multiple trips... 

roomOr you could just see how much you can get onto a single plate. Yes, that is a sausage roll on top. Because why not?

roomBut remember that you need to leave room for dessert - as there's all this to get through. 

roomWe took it a little easier by the time we reached desert - with a chocolate mousse cake, rhubarb trifle and an Eton mess. They also have hot desserts - there was a bread and butter pudding when we visited - or you could opt for a selection of cheese. 

That is a lot! Anything else to note? 

There are veg alternatives to the roast meats if you fancy. They're XXX. 

As for drinks, a glass of Prosecco is included in the deal, but otherwise they're separate. Cocktails are around the £12 mark, and wine starts at £29 a bottle. Camden and Brooklyn beer are on draught, as is Guinness. Oh and look out for the Bloody Mary cocktail corner and the Mimosa trolley doing the rounds. 

And there are more unlimited feasts at the Ned?

There are indeed. We've already tried the Kaia unlimited brunch, billed as an all you can eat Asian-Pacific-inspired feast - and you can read more about that here. That's £45 per person for as much food as you like along with a welcome drink of sake, Asahi, Umami Bloody Mary or a choice of Asian Teas.

There's also the Cecconi’s Feast, where you can choose from pasta and risotto, roast beef, chicken and pork, pizzas, meatballs, salads and classic Italian desserts for £38 per person, including a glass of Prosecco.

Overall thoughts

We really do like an impressive buffet and this is certainly one of London's best - actually it may well be the most impressive buffet in town right now. Considering the range of food that's on offer, not to mention the lobster, it's represents pretty good value - and the quality is there too. If you're REALLY hungry by the time you usually get to your Sunday lunch, we think you have to book in a visit here. 

Hot Dinners were invited to Ned's Feast. Prices are correct at the time of writing. 


More about Ned's Feast

Where is it? 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8AJ

How much? £55 for a two hour period. Tables are released for booking 3 months in advance.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @thenedlondon.

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