Test Driving the Jones & Sons steak night delivery meal kit

roomThe tiny but oh-so-cosy dining room at the top of The French House

What can you tell us about Jones & Sons?

The restaurant has built up a strong following in Dalston, where they've been since 2013 (starting in another location before settling in Gillet Street), billing itself as a modern British restaurant. The restaurant was founded by Andy Jones (hence the name). In the kitchen is Head Chef Jake Taylor.

They have a very strong reputation for their Sunday roasts and while they are currently deliveing those during the lockdown, we tried out their new Steak Night dinner.

How much effort is needed?

There's a combination of dishes you just plate up (starters and desserts) along with those you finish off, like the steak and sides. It's is extremely easy to get on a plate - all you need is the oven. 

What's on the menu?

It's a simple menu meant for sharing - a couple of starters, mains with a couple of sides and a choice of two desserts. Here's what we had:

roomTo start things off - Whipped cods roe, pink fir potato, cavalo nero, black olive, winter pickles. It only needs plating (or you can keep the roe in the tub it comes in). Glorious roe - and we're a big fan ot pairing potatoes with cods roe. 

roomAnother case of just plating up, this is burrata, romesco sauce, charred grelot onion and kale crisps. One of the better uses of kale, we have to say, and teams up well with the burrata. 

roomThe main event a 28 day dry-aged T Bone for two, truffle mushroom and celeriac dauphinoise and tenderstem broccoli with confit garlic and shallot dressing. You just need the oven for this - as the steak has already been pre-seared, which is really very handy. That celeriac dauphinoise was rich and wonderful, we need to steal that recipe. 

roomAnother look at the steak - so you're just putting this in the oven until it gets to your preferred done-ness. That works very well but we opted for a couple of minutes more to get the perfect (for us) medium. 

roomThen move onto the dessert. First up is this - Chocolate blood orange mousse, hezelnuts, whisky marscapone, honeycomb, There's a competition (to win cocktails) every week to see who plates the mousse dessert the best. We will definitely not be winning. Loved the contrast of the strong, smoky marscapone cream against the mousse in this. 

roomAnd finally, charred pineapple, rum custard, wonderfully sticky ginger sponge and coconut yoghurt. 

What about drinks?

For an extra £10 a head, you can order a bottled cocktail. These are large enough for two servings (you can see the bottles in the contents pic at the top of the page) and come highly recommended - definitely upgrade to a cocktail each. Here's what we had:

roomThe cocktails we had were a Picante (on the left, tequila, lime, agave, chilli) and a Chocolate Old Fashioned (Bourbon, maple, Angostura, chocolate bitters, sea salt). Both great but particularly the Old Fashioned - the chocolate cut through the drink perfectly. 

What about their Sunday lunch?

The Sunday lunch is also a finish-in-oven affair but is more of an a-la-carte menu. All roasts come with the trimmings and choices include Hereford rib eye, leg og lamb, Slow Roast Gloucester old spot pork belly and more. There's also a vegan beetroot and mushroom wellington. 

Overall thoughts

Jones & Sons are delivering a meal with inventive starters and desserts alongside a steak main that requires very little work indeed - but still delivers excellent results. Pair that with standout cocktails and you should definitely consider this for the perfect Friday night dinner.  


More about Jones & Sons

Where are they? Stamford Works, 3 Gillett St, Dalston, London N16 8JH

Hoe much: The Steak Night is £60 per person, cocktails are £10 per person extra.

Delivery range: Roughly three miles or local collection 

How to order: Email info@jonesandsonsdalston.com or call 020 7241 1211.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @jones.and.sons.


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