Test Driving Hot Stone At Home - omakase to your door

hot stone home delivery reviewSalmon handroll, made using Sanpuku nori made using seaweed harvested from the Ariake sea in Japan. 

So what do we need to know about Hot Stone?

Ever since launching his first solo venture in the somewhat unlikely restaurant spot of Islington's Chapel Market, chef Padam Raj Rai has been slowly building a fanbase. When you take a look at his CV you'll work out the reason why. Before going it alone he was head sushi chef at Tsukiji in Mayfair and has 20 years of experience in Japanese restaurants, including Nobu, Zuma and Sake no Hana. It's fair to say he knows his way around a sushi counter. The critics agree and - were it not for the interruption of one pandemic - he'd be welcoming diners into the second Hot Stone, which has just opened for delivery in Fitzrovia.

So, it's sushi then?

Yes, but not just sushi. There's a range of hot dishes too along with a special Nepalese menu to try, which references chef Padam's heritage.

That said, the focus is on their sushi. Such is the attention to detail and authenticity at Hot Stone that the wasabi for the sushi is freshly grated, there are two types of aged soy sauce brewed in 100 year old cedar barrels and the sushi rice is premium, Japanese-grown Koshihikari rice. 

What's on the menu?

For delivery there are various options. You can either opt for various set menus, there's the most impressive omakase box or you can assemble your own dinner together from the a-la-carte list.

Here's a selection from what we tried:

hot stone home delivery reviewFatty tuna with caviar roll (£42) - the best kind of surf and turf.

hot stone home delivery reviewSeared butterfish, truffle spicy ponzu (£15) - chef Padam prides himself on his modern sashimi servings and the onion ponzu salsa that came with this was fantastic.

hot stone home delivery reviewPremium Japanese wagyu seared tataki with kizami ponzu sauce (£39). Hot Stone is one of just nine restaurants in the country selling certified Kobe beef so this dish is a particular treat.

hot stone home delivery reviewTaste of Nepal box which features two yomari (the sweet dumplings top left), two Sel roti plus Aloo dum and gunkdruk for two (£30). We ended up saving much of this for the day after when the aloo dum dish went down perfectly.

hot stone home delivery reviewHot Stone's Limited Edition Omakase box which comes wrapped in furoshiki cloth and features a combo of nigiri, gunkan and sushi rolls, our favoruite of which were the scallop with truffle and caviar, the washyu sukiyak and the Scottish salmon glazed with 3 years soy sauce. It's £110 and would make a great special occasion order for any sushi-lover.

hot stone home delivery reviewMatcha green tea cheesecake (£8) - homemade and a really lovely creamy dessert.

And to drink?

There's the choice of four delivery cocktails - each bottle serves two for £20 - choose from Lychee Martini, a Cloudy Sake Old Fashioned, Green Tea Negroni or an Ume Martini.

hot stone home delivery reviewHere's how the cocktails arrive in handy pouches you can pop into the freezer. 

Overall thoughts:

Quite honestly, we were blown away by Hot Stone. Sure, it's pretty pricey - but the quality is amazing. We're still smiling at the thought of how good that fatty tuna nigiri was. Various lockdowns had prevented us from trying the Angel restaurant over the past year - we won't make the same mistake again. We'll be making a beeline for the new Fizrovia place, the minute restrictions are lifted.


More about Hot Stone

Where is it? Islington's Chapel Market and Windmill Street in Fitzrovia

How to order: Either directly from them or through Supper or Slerp. Delivery radius is around six miles. Full details on their website

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @hotstonelondon

Hot Dinners received this as a gift from Hot Stone. Prices correct at time of publication.


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