Test Driving the Harwood Arms Sunday lunch at home

roomThe outcome of all our (not very) hard work. An excellent Sunday roast.

So what is the Harwood Arms doing?

Led by head chef Sally Abe, the Harwood Arms Sunday lunch has long had a reputation as being one of the very best in London. But, of course, they're currently closed just like everyone else. So their toe in the water for food delivery is an opportunity to recreate that Sunday lunch at home. 

What's in the box?

There's the beef of course (a large chunk of Lake District Farmers sirloin), peeled & parboiled potatoes with hay baked carrots in a foil roasting tin with beef fat, greens, Yorkshires, cauliflower cheese, gravy and horseradish. You can order for two or four and it will be enough to fill every plate. 

How does it work?

Once you've ordered, the box is delivered on Saturday - so you have everything you need to get going on Sunday morning. A meat thermometer will come in handy for the beef, but otherwise that's all you need.

And how much work is needed?

Essentially, all the prep work is done. It's really a case of putting things in the oven at the right time. The only extra bits are searing the steak before the oven, boiling the greens and warming the gravy. It's not going to stretch you. The instructions from Sally Abe are very detailed and clear to follow. 

And the final outcome?

The result is an undeniably wonderful roast. We don't always manage to cook a roast beef perfectly, but the instructions here helped us achieve the medium we were going for. That, combined with a great set of trimmings and marvellous braised short-rib and bone marrow gravy, and the meal seems, to us, to be as good as going to the pub itself.

There is a caveat though. At £70 for two (or £140 for four) it really is on the very high price end of Sunday lunches in town. The quality is definitely there, but we think that they might want to increase the quantity of the trimmings to add a little more value.

That said, while the pub itself is closed, it's absolutely one of of the best roasts in town and ably allows you to recreate their excellent Sunday lunch at home. 


More about Harwood Arms at home

How much: £70 for two, £140 for four.

Delivery range: Within the M25

How to order: On their website (available on the site from every Sat morning (for delivery the following Sat) until they sell out)

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @harwoodarms.

Hot Dinners were sent this meal by the restaurant. All prices correct at time of publication.



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