Test Driving Haar at Home from Restaurant Box - the best of land and sea from chef Dean Banks

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roomPouring ALL of the mirin butter sauce on the lobster. 

What can you tell us about Haar at Home?

Haar is a celebrated restaurant up in St Andrews by chef Dean Banks, who was also a MasterChef The Professionals finalist. The name comes from the term used to describe a cold sea fog and there's a definite focus on fresh, sustainable seafood at Haar (which also has a fish & chips spin-off called Haarbour). 

With meal kits in full swing at the moment, now's the time to try a restaurant like Haar without having to leave London.

And it's from Restaurant Box?

Yes, it's one of the new restaurants that's part of Restaurant Box. They'll have this Land and Sea box as well as the Wagyu burger box (and the Signature box to come). 

roomHere's everything that came in the box - all very straightforward to put together, 

So what's in this box?

This is the Haar at Home Best of Land and Sea box - essentially a very upmarket surf and turf meal (with a couple of extras). 

What kind of difficulty level are we talking?

It's extremely simple - just a case of either plating or warming. The most work required is with the steak - but there's an excellent video to take you through that and it's all really very straightforward. 

Here's how it all turned out:

roomDressed crab with spicy mango slaw - this went perfectly with the slaw (although we could have done with a bit more attention paid to removing bits of shell from the picked crab). We must make special mention of the accompanying corn & sunflower seed loaf, sometimes we really fancy something other than sourdough and this was a lovely mini loaf of bread. 

roomNative dressed lobster with mirin butter sauce and Exmoor caviar. As you can see from the image at the top of the page - we really smothered it in the butter sauce. This is just a warm in the oven and serve job. The caviar is an added extra - but it goes VERY well with the lobster. 

room32+day aged grass-fed beef (Sirloin or Ribeye- Approx Weight 500g), XO sauce, seared sprouting broccoli & smoked mayonnaise and seaweed potatoes. The potatoes are supposed to go with the lobster - but we decided to hold them back for the main. Excellent video instructions on the beef with a sauce that has a slight kick and which you'll want to smother the beef in. Special mention goes to the broccolli - parboiled then fried in the pan that you used to fry/baste the steak in butter. This made it phenomenal along with whatever was in the broccoli seasoning. 

roomChocolate ganache with salted caramel - this is an extra (£6) but well worth it. Essentially a salted caramel millionaire's shortbread in a tin. It's ready to eat and all you need is a spoon. You really won't want to share this, so best order two. 

Overall thoughts

This is our first time trying anything from Haar and it sets high expectations for the restaurant itself. This is a meal that feels special (as any meal with steak and lobster should) but gets everything right in the important areas - simple instructions, wonderful accompaniments and sauces and well-sourced produce. 


Haar at Home with Restaurant Box

How much: £99.95 for two.

How to order: Order from Restaurant Box

Find out more: Visit the Restaurant Box website or follow Haar on Instagram @haarhome and @haarrestaurant.

Hot Dinners were sent this box as a gift by Haar at Home and this is a sponsored feature for Restaurant Box. Prices correct at the time of publication.


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