Test Driving Gunpowder London's DIY kit - the famed Kashmiri lamb chops come home

roomFrom left to right - here's what's in the kit - lamb rack, broccoli, tandoori potatoes and Makhani sauce down the bottom. 

So tell us a little bit about Gunpowder

They have two restaurants in London - in Spitalfields and at Tower Bridge - and they describe themselves as an Indian kitchen that offers a modern interpretation of the recipes that the founders grew up with. During their time in London, they've established the Kashmiri lamb chops as one of their signature dishes. Marina O'Loughlin said the chops are "are up there with the best, eclipsing the famous likes of Tayyabs or Needoo".

And it's those chops that are at the heart of their new DIY kit.

So what's in this kit?

As you can see from the photo above (and those below),  it's essentially a lamb chops feast for two that's centred around a version of their signature dish.

There are also two methods suggested for the cooking - BBQ or roast/grill. If you are lucky to have a decent barbecue (and the weather to go with it) that may well be the best way to go. We went for the roast/grill option and while it may be missing some of the charcoaled action of a BBQ, it still turned out pretty damned good. 

roomThe main event - lamb rack, Kashmiri Ghee roast. The rack, of course, breaks down into a home version of the lamb chops. While the ones in the restaurant itself are always going to win out - these are extraordinarily good.

roomBroccoli with mustard malai - probably the dish that would most benefit from the BBQ. Although this was grilled, we actually finished it off in the oven.

roomTandoori new potatoes - marinated and already cooked, these just need finishing under the grill. These potatoes are SO GOOD. Also, there was quite a generous portion, which we wholeheartedly approve of.  

Overall thoughts 

The Gunpowder kit ticks all the right boxes. They've done all the tricky prep work for you, it's very easy to cook and the result is a great home version of some of their signature dishes. If you can't make it down to one of their restaurants, then this is an easy recommendation. 


More about The Gunpowder DIY kit

Where do they deliver? Nationwide

How much? £45

How to order: On their delivery website

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @gunpowder_london.


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