Test Driving the Flesh & Buns bao kit at home

flesh and buns bao kit reviewEverything you need to make piglet belly bao for two.

Need to know?

If you've been missing restaurants (who hasn't?) but your own kitchen skills are limited to what you can make, this new kit from Flesh & Buns might be just up your street. The idea is that it makes it super easy for you to recreate the restaurant group's signature dish of crispy piglet belly buns at home.

What's in it?

The kit for two includes six bao buns, a slab of piglet belly and additions like pickled apples, karashi miso and shiso leaves.

flesh and buns bao kit reviewThe piglet belly, once it's been fried and popped in the oven

How easy is it?

Super easy. The piglet belly needs frying and then tucking into oven for five minutes while you steam the buns. After that it's essentially an assembly job. You can even upgrade your kit to include a bamboo bun steamer if you don't already have that bit of kitchen equipment. Bear in mind the size of the steam means you'll have to make this in two batches - but it's easy to keep the belly warm while you do.

How much?

The bao kit is £27.50, or £35 including the steamer. Order any day of the week for delivery two days after ordering.

flesh and buns bao kit reviewBao buns in fifteen minutes, start to finish. 

Overall thoughts:

Easy to make and properly delicious, this would make a lovely mid week supper or weekend lunch.


More about Flesh & Buns bao kit

How to order: Order the kit online.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @fleshandbuns

Hot Dinners were sent this as a gift from the restaurants. Prices correct at time of publication. 


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