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Burgers and choc ices - an early look at Patty & BunThe third part of what's being called the Burger Triangle (together with MEATliquor and Tommi's) opens later this week and, if our sneak preview is anything to go by, Patty & Bun sure to be a winner.

As we mentioned when we exclusively revealed the news of its opening, this marks the first full time venture of Patty & Bun by Joe Grossman, which has previously held extremely popular residencies and pop-ups all over London. The new restaurant is barely 2-3 minutes walk north of Oxford Street and a few steps from St Christopher's Place. Inside, it's a stripped-down affair, with seats for thirty around the restaurant. Essentially, it's a perfectly placed pit-stop from the throngs of Oxford Street shoppers.

As for the food, first up are the confit chicken wings. These divided opinion at the tasting - but we absolutely loved them. As messy as you expect wings to be, but with meat that just falls off the bone as you eat them, meaning absolutely nothing is wasted.

And then there's the main event - the burgers themselves. They're much larger than we were expecting - and therefore fantastic value for £7-8. We tried the Ari Gold cheeseburger with ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche with bacon at £7, with an extra 50p for the bacon. It was juicy, messy and perfectly cooked.  In all, a burger we will definitely return for and that's all we really ask for. We also had a quick try of the "Lambshank redemption" burger. Despite being generally unimpressed with lamb burgers in the past (we always feel they end up sounding better than they taste) this was excellent - actually tasting of lamb, with feta cheese being a perfect accompaniment. It'll be the first thing we properly try on our next visit. We also heard very good things about the chicken burger from surrounding tables.

So - all good news, then. Which brings us to dessert and something which we think people will cross town for, Patty & Bun's selection of choc ices. Currently available in peanut butter, chocolate chip or white chocolate and coffee flavours, they instantly brought back memories of childhood. We loved the white chocolate and coffee, but we hear they're thinking of ditching this for a hazlenut version (although we'd just like a straightforward white chocolate version, we have to admit...).

There's a good selections of drinks and rum-based cocktails (around the £7 mark), wine starts at £15.50 a bottle and there's also fresh juice if you're avoiding the booze. Plus there will be regular specials of the non-burger kind too - details of these to be announced, but we hear that pork belly is being considered.

Patty and Bun opens to the public on Friday November 30 at 54 James Street.

Prices correct at time of writing. Hot Dinners were invited to try Patty & Bun.



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