Test Driving the Burger & Beyond At Home kits - burgers, poutine & more

Burger & Beyond bacon butter burger delivery kitFrom kit to 'get-in-my-stomach' in just a few easy steps...

16/9/20 - updated, trying out new burgers and sides.

These burger kits became quite the thing during lockdown...

They are - and they've continued to be popular. We've tried kits from Patty & Bun, Bleecker and more. But when we heard that Burger & Beyond had joined the party, we had to give that a go too.

What's special about the Burger & Beyond kit?

Apart from the fact that we really, REALLY liked their burgers when we tried out their Shoreditch restaurant? Well the kit they're sending out makes their gorgeous Bacon Butter burger and that was one burger that we hadn't got around to trying. Since they first launched that kit, they've also added more burgers to the range - so you can also get a Krispie Fried Chicken kit, the Kinda Hot One and the Crispy One (which we also had a go of). 

Anything in particular we need to know about?


Burger & Beyond bacon butter burger delivery kitThe contents of the Burger & Beyond kit. The box consists of four demi brioche buns, a pack of their signature dry-aged minced beef, eight slices of pancetta bacon, eight slices of American cheese along with burnt butter mayo and pickled onion. There's also a pretty detailed cooking guide.

Note that the burger mince comes in one piece so you'll need to divide it into four portions before smashing each ball down in the frying pan.

Burger & Beyond bacon butter burger delivery kit What we thought particularly elevated these burgers was the tip on frying the burger buns in butter. More saturated fats? Yes, please. 

Burger & Beyond bacon butter burger delivery kitAnd this is the Crispy Burger - which adds a crunch with added salted crisps alongside bearnaise butter, Ogleshield cheese, black garlic aioli and pickles. Crisps in a burger. Why hasn't anyone done this before?!

How did it turn out?

As you see, both the burgers turned out very well indeed. They recommend just letting the burger rest in the buns for a few minutes which results in a wonderful, juicy mess when you eat it. Actually doing this at home is almost better as there's no-one to judge you when you end up with burger juices all over you. Frankly, we'd have them again in a heartbeat.

It's not all burgers though?

Indeed not. While there are a few burger kits out there now, Burger and Beyond are one of the few places offering the whole restaurant experience by adding lots of sides too. It's mainly about the tots, available in Dirty, Chilli Cheese or Truffle Cheese variants. We went with the bacon poutine version - because, bacon. They also have jars of burnt butter mayo on sale and brownies for dessert. 

Burger & Beyond bacon butter burger delivery kitThe Bacon Poutine - tots, bacon gravy, crispy onions and cheese curds. All which leads to incredibly pleasing stretchy cheese. 

Overall thoughts?

Burger and Beyond have really been honing their DIY kit game over the past few months. Everything's very well packaged, there are great variety of burgers and sides and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. And, most importantly, the end results are damned good.  


More about Burger & Beyond

How do I order one? Head to the shop section of their website. 

Delivery range: Nationwide

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @burgerandbeyond


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