Test Driving Bocca At Home's summer BBQ offering

bocca at home box reviewSpring vegetable panzella - a seasonal take on the classic salad with grilled asparagus and tropea onions.

Wait, why are we still talking about restaurant boxes? Hasn't almost everywhere reopened?

Yes, but there are plenty of folk who are for one reason or another staying home, or maybe they're having boxes delivered to their staycation home or simply fancy cooking restaurant-level food in their own homes.

And this is a BBQ box?

It is. It's a new BBQ Feast Box from the Bocca di Lupo at Home range where you can mix and match a variety of starters, mains and dessert to elevate youir home BBQ efforts. They do all the hard work for you - you just have to arrange on a plate, or finish it off on the BBQ.

We tried a range from their new menu, here's a flavour.

bocca at home box reviewRoast peppers marinated in garlic, chilli and wild herbs served with burrata - these together with the dish below and the tiramisu come in the BBQ starters and dessert kit for £36 which serves two.

bocca at home box reviewSmoked ricotta with grilled aubergines marinated with roast tomatoes, chilli and mint - it's impossible to overstate how good this Ricotta mustia, from Sassari in Sicily is.

bocca at home box review28 day aged ex-dairy cow sirloin (£29) on the grill .

bocca at home box reviewThat beef served up as tagliata - with the rocket and parmesan that's included

bocca at home box reviewOctopus with gremolata and Sorrento lemon (£30) - this arrives with oil to brush the octopus with before you put it on the BBQ.

bocca at home box reviewBocca di Lupo’s signature tiramisu - a very good, traditional tiramisu that's just scoop and serve.

Summing up:

We'd been hearing on the grapevine how good Bocca di Lupo's home delivery range was and this doesn't disappoint. If you're after restaurant food at home that's generous both in its portion size and taste, this is the one for you.


More about Bocca At Home

Delivery: They deliver across mainland UK and in inner London, delivery is every day bar Sunday.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bocca_di_lupo

Hot Dinners were sent this as a gitt by Bocca Di Lupo. Prices correct at time of publication. 


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