Test Driving Blacklock Shoreditch - the one with its own bar

diningroomThe light-filled dining room at Blacklock Shoreditch

So what do we need to know about Blacklock Shoreditch?

Well, for starters, it's their third restaurant following the original in Soho and the one in the City. If you somehow haven't been to either of those then know that this is a meat eater's mecca - primarily based around chops, and pretty affordable ones at that. Plus very decently priced cocktails. 

Where exactly is it?

You'll find it on Rivington Street - it's taken over the spot where The Rivington used to be. And if you ever frequented that restaurant, you'll barely recognise the space now. Gone are all the white walls and tablecloths. Now it's all very warehousey with exposed brick etc. On a winter evening it was super cosy, but we popped back in during the day and it's a lovely spot for lunch with loads of natural light flooding into the dining room.

Where should meet friends for a drink first?

This is Shoreditch so you are not short of places. On the same street, you've got the Bricklayers Arms which is a good spot for a pint and nearby on Great Eastern Street there's the upstairs bar at the Jones Family Project which we've always found very handy ourselves. There are multiple bars in the area - so it's worth exploring. 

But better still, come here. This is the first and only Blacklock with its own standalone bar and in addition to their usual cocktails you'll find curated cocktail list from the folks at top NYC bar Slowly Shirley. We went for a Salty Duncan - featuring white aperitif, Suze, dry vermouth, grapefruit, lime and a salt rim £8.

barTake a stool at the bar to try the new cocktails in partnership with Slowly Shirley.

And there's bar food too?

Yes, new to the menu at this branch are bar snacks like mini Yorkshire puddings and Welsh rarebit nuggets. But we'll be honest with you - they were printed on the reverse of the cocktail menu which we... er... didn't turn over. So we completely forgot to try them. Sorry. 

So that's the bar, what's on the actual menu?

All the usuals. There's a range of starters, all of which we tried, and then you're on to the chops on and off the bone. Or you can make it easy on yourself and do as we did and go for the "All In" which gives you snacks, a range of chops and sides for £20 a person.

Here's what we ate:

snacksAs part of the All-In you get these snacks to start - from left to right, cheese and pickle, egg and anchovy and chicken and horseradish.

squidA rare, non-meaty course, but of course the squid starter here at Blacklock comes with bone marrow crumbs (£6).

pigsheadThe best way to enjoy the pig's head on toast - pour liberal amounts of that gravy all over it - (£6).

ribsFall-off-the-bone lamb belly ribs is the final dish in the trio of starters - go on, you might as well have them all. (£6).

allinThe All In - a plate piled high with beef, pork and lamb skinny chops on coal flatbread. You may, like us, require a doggy bag if you can't manage it all. 

puddingJust when you reckon you can't eat a bit more, the white chocolate cheesecake comes round. Believe us, you'll somehow manage at least a whole bowl of this.

Anything for vegetarians?

If you're a veggie, there's honestly very little here for you, unless you're happy eating just sides.

Overall thoughts

Of the three Blacklocks this would easily be our favourite choice for a lunch - with all that natural light it's a perfect spot to take any carnivore for a business meeting. It must be particularly lovely for Sunday lunch too. Next time we'll go back and try the bar snacks too...


More about Blacklock Shoreditch

Where is it? 28-30 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DZ

How to book: book online

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @blacklockchops

 Hot Dinners dined as guests of the restaurant. Prices correct at time of publication.


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