Test Driving Blacklock at Home - and this time it's a hot food delivery

roomA selection of Blacklock at Home dishes. All amazing.

So what can you tell me about Blacklock at Home?

First off, let's start with Blacklock itself. Set up by Gordon Kerr, the restaurant centres around chops, usually presented on a bed of flatbread so that the meat juices soak into it. Now with three restaurants in London, they've become hugely (and deservedly) popular. 

Throughout the various lockdowns, they created an at-home service that delivered their chops anywhere in the country. They provided the chops and instructions - you did the cooking. We took that for a Test Drive when it first launched. This latest venture sees them do the cooking too, delivering hot food through Deliveroo. As a result, there's a lot more to choose from and the food is cooked with a heavenly hit of smokiness that is inescapably Blacklock. That's what we tried out this time. 

Where are they delivering?

They're starting from their Shoreditch branch - but they're also opening up new kitchens across London, so you'll soon be able to order Blacklock from Battersea, Wood Green and Camden too. 

What's on the menu?

Given that they're doing all the hard work, many of the classics - chops included - are on offer. But in addition to that, there are many new dishes to try out. So even if you've been to the restaurant before, you'll be able to pick from classics and brand new dishes too. 

Here's what we ordered. 

roomAsh roasted sweet potato (£4) - one of the classic Blacklock dishes, cooked overnight in BBQ embers. Almost impossible to recreate well at home, and infused with a wallop of smoke that hits you as soon as you open the box. A must-order. 

roomSo yes, we'll admit that we mis-read this as "rabbit" nuggets. But no, these are cheesy spicy delights (£5). 

roomMore nuggets and also new to the menu are these pig's head nuggets (£5). Just divine and made to be thoroughly dipped in Blacklock gravy.

roomOne of the main events - their charcoal-grilled thick-cut lamb chops (£15), which have been dry-aged for 18 days. These have been thick cut to allow them to travel better and they travel extremely well indeed. Again, these were cooked with a precision that we'd never approach at home - and the juice soaked bread is everything we remember it to be. Liberally douse with Blacklock's Chop Sauce which is laced with vermouth. 

roomNew to the menu is Blacklock roast chicken - available half as here (£18), whole or as a chop. It's grilled over charcoal and also served over flatbread for a new take on the classic Blacklock red meat options. 

roomJust to prove there was a little greenery involved - this is the giant Caesar salad (£6) 

roomTheir Mac n Four Cheeses (£8) is described as a "Blacklock cuddle in a bowl".

Anything else?

We also tried their beef dripping chips - which really do travel well, something that not all chips manage, retaining a great crunch. Plus we also had the spring slaw for a little more greenery.

But there's still more. A selection of buns looks well worth a look, with the Blacklock Burger, a Steak Sarnie (their own take on a classic "steak on white") and the one we have our eye on - a pig's head bun, "reimagined for your home". The future should also be bringing BFC - Blacklock Fried Chicken. 

What about dessert?

While there are chocolate orange doughnuts to look forward to, there's also a Happy Endings ice cream sandwich. But that's not all...

roomThe Blacklock white chocolate cheesecake (£7). Speaks for itself. 

ice creamEvery meal also comes with a Blacklock/Happy Endings mini Negroni Ice Cream sandwich. 

And drinks?

Cocktails are as much the Blacklock experience as the food - and there are bottled versions for the home - a seasonal negroni and an Old Fashioned. There's also some house wine and the Blacklock lagers and pale ales too. 

Overall thoughts

We've had a lot of meal kits recently and while we love them, it's also great to let the restaurant do all the hard work for you. The food here really feels like it's come from the Blacklock kitchen - it all smells just amazing as you start to unbox everything. Add on the fact that it all travels remarkably well and we'd say that if you live in the delivery range, this should definitely be on your list. It all gave us complete pangs for the real restaurant experience too.

Hot Dinners were sent this as a gift by Blacklock. Prices correct at time of publication. 


More about Blacklock hot delivery

When? Launches 5 March 2021 in Shoreditch. 19 March in Battersea/Wandsworth. Wood Green will be on 1 April (no joke!) and Camden in late April.

How to order: Find them on Deliveroo

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @blacklockchops


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