Test Driving Blacklock at Home - All In chops, cocktails and more

blacklock at home reviewed the full setThe All-In set as it arrived, with bar provision add-ons.

So Blacklock have joined the delivery scene have they?

The news story we wrote about everyone's favourite chophouse doing delivery almost broke the site when it first went up. So yes, they are doing Blacklock at Home and it's so far been VERY popular.

What are they serving up?

Having started with a general meat box back in the summer, the folks at Blacklock took the opportunity afforded by Lockdown 2.0 to get their signature All-In ready for delivery. That's the heap of meaty chops, served on grilled bread with beef dripping chips, kale salad and cheesecake to round things off.

They promise you'll have the food on the table 20 minutes after the oven is heated up, so we gave it a go.

blacklock at home reviewed the full setFirst things first, you're to take the meat out of the fridge a good half hour before cooking, to help with caramelisation and give you 'most pleasing results'. Once the oven is heated up it's time to put the beef dripping chips in the oven.

blacklock at home reviewed the full setWhile the chips are cooking, you need to grill the all-in bread in the garlic and rosemary butter provided, before putting their signature skinny chops on either the BBQ (as we did) or a very hot grill pan.

blacklock at home reviewed the full setAfter that it's a pretty simple assembly job - bread at the bottom, chops at the top, kale and parmesan salad at the side (mainly for show) and some of their lovely, peppery Blacklock sauce to pour over everything.

You mentioned cheesecake earlier...

We did...

blacklock at home reviewed the full setThe lovely white chocolate cheesecake is part of this box and comes with some seasonal fruits for adding.

Anything to drink?

There's plenty of options to add on from Blacklock lagers and pale ale and wines through to the bottled cocktails they usually wheel around on the cocktail trolley in the restaurant.

blacklock at home reviewed the full setThe Blacklock Old Fashioned is a blend of Old Forester Bourbon, Angostura and Orange Bitters.

And there's more coming?

Yes, their always-booked-out Sunday lunch is now on delivery in London (with Nationwide in the offing). That'll be a choice of meat, Yorkies, cauliflower cheese, gravy and - of course - the cheesecake. They're promising a full roast from fridge to table in 30 minutes.

Overall thoughts:

The six pages of instructions this came with our Blacklock all-in looked daunting at first, but then you realise that it's just the Blacklock team going the full nine yards with details on how to recreate the restaurant experience. They offer up suggestions on everything from plating and grill techniques to room vibes too. In practice, it was actually pretty easy to knock up - but you will need a grill pan or a BBQ to do this properly. We always have a good time at Blacklock and if you can't get to the restaurant itself, this is a great alternative.


More about Blacklock at Home

Where do they deliver? Nationwide for the All-in, London-only (at the moment) for Sunday lunch

How to order: On their online shop

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @blacklockchops.

Hot Dinners were sent this box as a gift by Blacklock. Prices correct at time of publication. 

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