Test Driving the Black Axe Mangal box - BAM classics to your door

roomEverything in the box. Including a packet of crisps!

What can you tell us about Black Axe Mangal?

The restaurant from Lee Tiernan is one of our absolute favourites in town and consistently popular. Its squid ink flatbread would probably be one of our death row dishes. But the restaurant hasn't reopened since the first lockdown (it's a little hard to socially distance in there). They've poked their heads up a couple of times for delivery with a pie and also some bao buns, but the main BAM experience hasn't been available for over a year - until this meal kit arrived. 

So what kind of kit is it?

Covering a few of their classics, it's a heat-up and finish-off kit. Everything in here is very simple and all the hard work has been done for you - just how we like it. 

Here's what we had: 

roomLamb offal flatbread - one of the classics from the restaurant. Just bung it in the oven for ten minutes and then and dress with pickles, a very strong chilli sauce (you can go as strong with it as you like) and a small piping bag of yoghurt if you fancy getting a bit arty. 

roomHispi cabbage & fermented shrimp butter - you can see the "before" pic at the top ot the page. Another bung in the oven job, then sprinkle seaweed on top (which, admittedly we did after this pic). The best way to eat your greens. 

roomMapo tofu noodles, mission spice & pickles - another signature BAM dish, this is simply a warm-in-the-bag job, then add the pickled chilli and mushrooms, coriander and mission spiced crispy onions. Very messy ( in a good way). 

roomReuben flatbread with Russian dressing - this is the brunch dish for the next day (but you could still go for it as part of your main BAM feast too. Love that Russian dressing. 

roomCream egg fondant cookie - something which gives you a good idea of just how good BAM desserts can be. It's like making a chocolate fondant dessert with next to no work on your part. Given the nature of Creme Egg availability, expect a different dessert next time, but equally inventive. 

How about drinks?

They've linked up with Jameson for the drinks, so there's a Jameson, ginger and lime and this...

roomWe are very easily won over by a good Old Fashioned but this was an EXCEPTIONAL Old Fashioned. Really, very, very good. 

Overall thoughts

It's Black Axe Mangal, so it was always going to be pretty damned great. We actually managed to get a few takeaways from BAM while they were doing them in the very early days and this really brings us back. It's not quite the same as being in the restaurant with metal being blasted at you, but it'll definitely do for now. Another box is coming - see below for details as you absolutely do not want to miss it. 


More about Black Axe Mangal

Delivery range: Nationwide

When is the next box available? On sale from noon on 19 April 2021. Dishes will be different to above but still packed with BAM classics. It will have the squid ink flatbread for one...

How to book: Online with Big Night

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @blackaxemangal.


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