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Zima Russian streetfood comes to Soho

So far we’ve had all kinds of street food hit Soho, but to our knowledge this is the first time we’ve seen RUSSIAN street food - and that’s what Zima is promising. It's being added to the basement of Jean Jacques (itself a French restaurant from Russia) with a look that aims for a Soviet-era ryumochnaya (vodka bar).

It’s coming from Russian chef Alexei Zimin – who is apparently a very big thing in Russia – who is looking to bring a wide breadth of Russian food to this Frith Street restaurant. On his menu is:

  • Crab claw with bread crisps & red caviar;
  • Black caviar with traditional sides from Yaroslavl (pictured above)
  • Honey & sour cream cake "Medovik".

Alongside that will be Russian Siberian Crown and vodka infusions flavoured with fennel & tarragon or lingonberry & apple with curry leaves. 

Zima opens on 31 March at 45 Frith St, London W1D 4SD. 

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