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If the puny little balls of mozzarella you normally pick up in the supermarket just aren't enough to satisfy your cheese lust, better head down to Rossopomodoro over the next two months. Apparently this is the best time of year to be eating buffalo mozarella and so the Italian chain have introduced two humungous servings of the cheese to their menu for the summer.

The Mozzarellona comes in at a weighty 1kg and will feed parties of 6-10 for £40 while The Trecciona (pictured here) is a whopping 3kg cheese which will more than do for a party of 20-30 and costs £120 (one week advance pre-order required). Both come to the table served with tomato bruschetta, grilled vegetables and prosciutto di Parma.

Find out where your nearest Rossopomodoro restaurant is here.

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