Bao are bringing Xu Taiwanese restaurant to Soho

Bao are bringing Xu Taiwanese restaurant to Soho

28/4/17 - Updated with opening date

What: Xu

In a nutshell: Taiwanese restaurant from the people behind Bao

Summing it all up: Bao have been one of the big success stories in London. Now the team behind it are opening their third restaurant, an upmarket Taiwanese restaurant in Soho.


The low-down

It seems that Erchen Chang, Shing Tat Chung and Wai Ting Chung, the team behind Bao can do no wrong of late. Not only does the Soho Bao continue to be a roaring success, but the Fitzrovia Bao (pictured above) is also drawing them in. And now they're moving onto something new.

Their next restaurant focuses on broader Taiwanese cuisine. Split into sections - the menu will have:

  • Classic dishes including "Crab with chilli egg drop sauce"
  • Mangalitza rib rice – diced Mangalitza pork ribs mixed with a blend of rice & spices, steamed on a bed of sweet potato & topped with foie gras
  • Grilled Fish of the Day – ‘Cornish day boat fish marinated in fermented bean curd chilli with grilled bone vinegar sauce
  • Taiwanese street food, including pan-fried dumplings or "Shengjian Bao" and pancakes filled with 40-day aged beef shortrib, marrow and pickles.

Plus there's what's bound to be the signature dish - "Sho Pa chicken". That's a bird stuffed with Chinese spices and herbs and served whole - yes, with the chicken head still on. You'll be given gloves so you can tear it to pieces - so expect some mess there (and it's not one for vegetarians).

And drinks will be a big thing for Xu too. Firstly, tea - which is inspired by Erchen Chang's grandfather's love of Taiwanese tea. There will be a tea counter on the ground floor featuring some previously undiscovered Taiwanese tea and a tea expert to serve it to you (plus you'll be able to take some home). And you'll also be able to get cocktails at the ground floor tea bar. 

As for the look of the place? Expect a touch of 1930s Taiwan with lots of wood panelling, designed by the people who did Bellanger and Fischer's. 


More about Xu

Where is it? 30 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DL

When does it open? May 31, 2017

How to book: Call 020 3319 8147

Find out more: Visit the website and follow them on Twitter @xu_london.