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Wool Yard is coming to Woolwich from the people behind Pop Brixton

If you're a fan of Pop Brixton, then this news will definitely be of interest. The man behind that success story, Carl Turner, has turned his sights on Woolwich where he plans to open a follow-up Wool Yard. 

Pop Brixton which has hosted some great restaurants in its container village since opening, the most notable being Kricket which has since gone onto even greater success in Soho. Wool Yard is aiming for a similar shipping container village, with the 32 containers being converted into bars, restaurants and co-working spaces and studios.  

It's still very early days, to be sure, as Wool Yard's going through the planning process at the moment. As soon as we get more concrete details on the space and who will open there, we'll update this story. 

What: Wool Yard

Where: Woolwich Town Centre

When: 2019 - date TBC. 


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