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Woody Bear's cheesy boozy rooftop pop-up comes to Oxford Street

Winter. It's cold, dark, and unavoidably depressing. So, what to do? Well, Oxford Street's new winter pop-up Woody Bear has a few suggestions, mainly in the form of melted cheese and booze.

The new pop-up will be laying on gooey wheels of raclette, croque monsieur and spiked eggnog to warm your cockles and raise your spirits, all taking place on an urban fairground-themed rooftop with amazing views over Soho.

If you love a good toastie, then you'll be able to try a trio of Croque Monsieurs created for the occasion by Madam & Monsieur, using cheese from France, Switzerland and Wales. However, if you need your dairy in even bigger quantities than that, then skip the whole sandwich element and just order an entire, gluttonous wodge of Mont d'Or, baked whole in its box. Or try everything, then take a selfie in front of their cheese melt-shack for posterity.

Once you're sated, order something to wake you up a bit, like one of their draft negronis, spiked eggnog, or a winter warmer like their Hot Gin Punch.

Our only advice is that if you do decide to ride on the animal sea saws, or God forbid, the teacups, maybe take it easy on all that cheese 'n' booze It might be for the best instead to simply grab a blanket, hunker down, while soaking up the London views (aka digesting all that cheese.)

When: 2 November - 31 December 2017

Where: 535 Oxford Street, London W1C 2QW

More information: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @Woodybearldn.


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