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Wine & Rind bring Breville cheese toasties to St Pancras

If you’ve got a dusty toastie machine shoved behind your pots and pans that you STILL can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of, then here’s one for you - a residency from a Tottenham cheesemonger is coming to St Pancras, and the whole thing’s going to revolve around the classic Breville toasted sandwich maker.

The residency will be led by Wine & Rind’s Holly Chaves, a cheesemonger with a cheese and wine bar in Tottenham Green Market. She'll be serving up one thing and one thing only - toasted sarnies with pickles on the side. So that means:

  • The Cheese - House cheese blend & a big splash of Sheffield's finest, Hendersons. 
  • The Onion - House cheese blend, slow cooked onions & crispy onions
  • The Classic - House cheese blend, ham, cornichons and Dijon mustard. 

For Holly, the “perfect combination” of cheeses that go into their sandwiches consists of gooey, delightful like raclette, sharp Somerset cheddar and other melty French cheeses which haven’t been specified. They’re calling it their 'house blend of cheese' (which strongly fills us with the desire to develop our *own* household blend of cheese).

When: 8 August (for a month)

Where: Sourced Market, St Pancras, Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QP

Find out more: See them on Instagram @winenrind.


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